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MM Addendum 1

Trilateral Commission, Roundtable, Fortune 500, Council on Foreign Relations, CFR, Bilderberg, Bloodline, Desposyni, Genealogy
Fresia, Parenti, Zeitgeist, Sharlet, Ratlines, Rex Deus, Holy Grail, Messianic Legacy, Plutocracy, Oligarchy, British-Israel, Anglo-Israel
Ephraim and Manasseh, Shinar, Heraldry, Holocaust, Princes of Tyre, Divine Right Rulership, House of Israel, War of Eradication, WWI, WWII
Nebuchadnezzar’s Image, Formulation of Opinion, Light of Darkness, Illuminati Comprehension, Faith of the Fallen, World Governance

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MM Addendum 2-1

MM Addendum 2

Progenitor, Annunaki, Nephilim, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Exilarchs, Apostles, Zealots, Muhammed (Islam)
Jesus the Christ = Magdalene (m1.), James Zebedee = Magdalene (m2.), James the Just Progeny, Pharamond, Merovingian Monarchy
Pendragon, King Arthur I Grail, King Arthur II Holy Grail, Anglo-Saxon, Carolingian, Charlemagne, European Royal Houses Primary Descent Lines, Aristocracy, de Rothschild
Desposynic Pharaonic/Caesaric Lineage, Celtic-Nazarene Christianity, St. Columba, St. Patrick, Stone of Scone, Lia-Fail, Coronation Stone, Stone Sanction

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MM Addendum 1-2

The SAGE: A Private, Closed Society – The Private Agency that Owns and Controls the World

An “artificial reality construct”, dependent systemic(s) defined by the corporate – we must deconstruct the construct — social “agency(-ies)”, ie., police, military, levels of government, etc., vying together and in conflict (vested interest(s)); omnipresent yet unseen, blended within the social mix – social encoding endemic (public education, private education, corporate advertising, etc., all corporate focused as the social glue/religion) — an idea(s) will find a willing/suitable mind — state(s) within the state, the corporate governing directors, private governance of the public sphere (state = enabler); the corporation is the “dominant institution” of our time; shareholder value/profit mandated by law above all other social or stakeholder considerations (3rd party/social cost “externalities”, ie., infrastructure, military/war, pollution, etc.); all other considerations (especially non-monied) dismissed or eradicated; the Inc. are unaccountable, in effect a fascist oligarchy of transnational governance: the high-priests of Mammon and the corporate masters.

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MM Addendum 2-2

The SAGE, the Self-Appointed Guardian Elite, Charlemagne Descendants
The Unholy Blood and The Unholy Grail
The Primevil (abrogation of Primeval responsibility, Our Ancient Future)
The Primaevus Lineage
[Mid-17th century Latin primaevus, primus “first” + aevum “age”]
The Apotheosis(-sys)

* DH(DD) David Hughes: Davidic Dynasty and additional research link
* Stirnet Genealogy link
* (peerage) Our Family History link
* Family Tree Jamie Allen and Ancient Genealogical Allegations link
* (NV)(Twyman) The Dragon’s Court link
* (LG) Laurence Gardner link
* (PiB) St. Paul in Britain, author RW Morgan (1860), fifth edition c.1930s
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Llyr Ancestry; Arviragus Ancestry; Brutus and the Covenant Land; Joseph of Arimathea and the Line of Nathan; The Lion and the Unicorn; Welf Ancestry; Welf/d’Este; Teutonic Knights; Orders of Chivalry; Wessex Descendants; Anjou Ancestry; Kingdom of Jerusalem; Wettin; and Names/Terms used within text.

MM Addendum 2-3

Lineage: [000]

The Fallen, the former Agents of Creation (DEVOLUTION PROGENITOR/First Estate) (the Shining Ones (hued shimmering appearance)); The Anunnaki Custodians (An-unna-ki "Heaven came to Earth") (Psm 82 "Court of the Elohim"); The Angelic Host, Martian "Cydonian" civilization (pre-rebellion Terran/Terrene Atlantian Ancients); Jer 4:23-26 (Mosaic insert) Gen 1 "… the fruitful place was a wilderness, all the cities thereof were broken down …"

—(Twyman) Anu (first God-King of Earth according to Sumerian legend)/ (Anu/Adamu(Adam))
000 Enlil/Ilu-kur-gal("Lofty One of the Mountain")/the Storm God/Jehovah/Osiris/ ((Twyman) Enlil(Abel); Enki(Cain))
000 Enki/Samael/Lord of the Earth/Set/Adon the Lord/Quinotaur … 000 Nin-khursag (sis), "Lady of Life" (surrogate mother to Atabba and Eve, created from Human/Eljo (NV) ova fertilized by Enki (INTERVENTION PROGENITOR))

(GENESIS PROGENITOR (pre-Genesis Re-Creation/Earth "became" without form and void, erased in Adversarial Rebellion))
001 Adam/Atabba (THE GOD FAMILY SPIRITUAL COVENANT offered to Adam-Eve "beni Elohim" (Blood: OO/Rh–))
001 Chavvah/Kava/Eve (deceived by the Adversary to disobey God; Adam not deceived, but disobeyed) (I will put enmity between thee (Satan) and the woman, and between thy seed (H2233) and her seed (H2233 zera: posterity); it shall bruise thy head (SAGE intent), and thou shalt bruise his heel (track; path) (Gen 3:15 physically/spiritually)) (Edenic Sanctuary closed; Adam-Eve depart into the World (Way of the Fallen) to mix with existent re-created Human Kind; all of Humankind threaded to Adam-Eve beni Elohim at the time of the Messiah (2nd Adam), who died for "all" of Mankind)

-02 Cain (1st son)/Kain, First King Messiah, son of Enki and Eve (Samael and Eve (Ginzberg))
(Cain 3/4 Anunnaki Bloodline), m. — Luluwa (half-sis), dau of Enki and Lilith (Anunnaki g-dau of Enlil) (NV)
(-03) Atun(Sumerian)/King Etana of Kish
(-04) King Baali (Sumerian Annals)
-03 Enoch/Henoch (Enoch/Anak ben Kain) (Anakim “descendants of Anak”, Nephilim/Watcher(??) descent: “the elect” progeny (-Boyd Rice))
-04 Irad/Yarad
-05 Mechuyael
-06 Methusael
-07(NV) Lamech = -05d Adah and -05d Zillah (below)

-02(NV) Abel (2nd son)/Hevel (1st son)

002(NV) Seth (3rd son)/Satanael (2nd son) = — Kalimath (dau of Lilith) (NV)
003 Enos/Enosh (a third-part of the earth destroyed by the river Gihon because of men's sins (Jasher 2:6))
004 Cainan (reigned over all the sons of men; he led the sons of men to wisdom and knowledge (Jasher 2:11))

-05 Enan (2nd son)
-05 Mered (3rd son)
-05d Adah = -07 Lamech
-06 Jabal
-05d Zillah = -07 Lamech (above)
-06 Tubal Cain/("the Vulcan"/Military Armaments, King of Ur(NV)) (SETH-KAIN LINEAGE) ((NV) descent to Ham and Japhet and 2nd Dynasty of Egypt)
-06d Naamah/Lilith Naamah (NV) (SETH-KAIN LINEAGE) = — Shamdon, a Watcher (Ginzberg)
-07 ASMODEUS, DEVIL GIANT (Ginzberg) (custodian of secrets, guardian of hidden treasures, and, according to ancient Judaic legend, builder of Solomon's Temple)

005 Mahalallel (1st son)
006 Jared (200 Holy Watchers/rebel Angels descend in the days of Jared to choose wives (1 Enoch 6:6 RHC ed.)) (a dynasty of "mighty men/giants" born (spirit-flesh), evil-spirits/** ADVERSARIAL SYSTEMIC ** ("secret things" taught)) (the rebel Watchers now sublunary (their transcendental qualities lost), mated with the daughters of Cain (Ginzberg)) (The Nephilim (not "those who were cast down" "the fallen" (-Z Sitchin, in error)), the GIANTS, the progeny of, but NOT the (un-)Holy Watchers themselves (-Michael S. Heiser/M. Jastrow) were on Earth in those days (Gen 6))

MM Addendum 2-4

007 Enoch/Henok/Hanokh (“Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him.” (Gen 5:22,24 NKJV)) (Enoch taught all sons of men the ways of God and reigned as King 243 yrs; peace was thoughout the earth (Jasher 3:1-12)) (Enoch chosen by God as a counter to the rebel Watchers/progeny – taught the “secret things” in a proper context)

-08 Elisha/Elishaa (2nd son)
-09d Ashmua (dau) = (-C) 009 Lamech (their son being Noah, below)
-08 Elimelech (3rd son)
-08d Melca
-08d Nahmah/Naamah = 010 Noah (married -A2-1)

008 Methuselah (1st son) (in the latter days of his reign men turned from the Lord and rebelled (Jasher 4:4))
-09 Eliakim (Jasher 6:35)
-10d (3 dau’s) = 011 (3 son’s of Noah (married -A2-1))
009 Lamech (Adam d. at 930yrs in the 243rd year of Enoch’s reign, Lamech in his 56th year (Jasher 3:17))
010 Menachem/Noah (“a just man, perfect in his generations. Noah walked with God.” (Gen 6:9 NKJV)) (the sons of men given 120 years to (re)turn to God); Uta-Napishtim (Twyman) (Sumerian legend) (pish “fish”) (“his posterity shall beget on the earth “giants”, not spiritual, but carnal” (1 Enoch addendum; spiritual countenance)) (“as in the days of Noah” – the end-time “Giants”, “Corporate begettal” (legal entities/beings/Beasts; 1907-2027AD)

-11 Ham (2nd son)(son of Tubal Cain (NV))
-11 Japheth (3rd son)(1st son, Jasher 5:17)(son of Tubal Cain (NV))
011(NV) Shem (1st son)(2nd son, Jasher 5:17)
012 Arphaxahad
013 Salah
014 Eber
-15 Joktan
015 Peleg
016 Reu
017 Serug
018 Nahor ben Serug/(Hyksos Shepherd King “Nehosy”) = — Ijaska bat Nestag, of the Chaldees
-19d (?) mother of Edna (??)
019 Tarakr/Terah ben Nahor/(Azar (Koran)), the Semite = — m1. (Edna bat Abram(??)); Yawnu (NV) ((Jasher 7:49-51) Terah, Prince of Nimrod’s Host = — Amthelo (dau of Cornebo)) (Ellis)(??) Hyksos Shepherd King “Aasahra(Throne name)”/(Azar-Thara)Aathara/Azarah
(con’t) = — m2. (?); Tohwait (Pharaoh dau) (NV)

-20 Haran ben Tarakr, the Semite (half-bro to Abraham)
-21 Lot
-21 Milcah
-21 Sarah = 020 half-U Abram/Abraham (half-bro NV))
-20 Nahor, the Aramean (bro of Abraham) = -21 Milcah bat Haran of Ur (half-niece)
-21 Huz, Buz, Kemuel (-C-1st Aram), Chesed, Hazo, Pidash, Jidlaph
-21 Bethuel ben Nahor, the Syrian of Padanaram (Gen 22:20, 24:24)
-22 Laban ben Bethuel, the Semite(Syrian)

020 Patriarch Abram/Abraham/Avraham ben Tarakr = — m1. Sarah/Sarai/Serai (half-niece) (Ellis)(??) Hyksos Shepherd King “Sheshi/Mamayebra(Throne name)”/Mayebre/Abraham

Abram, a Chaldean of Ur, a teacher of Astrology and the Chaldean Craft in Phoenicia and Egypt (Heliopolis), the teachings of “the Watchers”/”Ir” (Hebrew), the Sumerian-Chaldean sciences (in Enochian/Essene applicaton). Ur quite possibly the primordial city-state of the Watchers. Abram (descendant of the Giants -Eusebius), excelled all in nobility and wisdom (-pseudo Eupolemus). This man who excelled all in Chaldea was chosen and called by God to overcome and replace this very systemic with God’s Way of Righteousness. This man of genetic/intellectual Enochian/Essene/(Watcher-Chaldean(??)) descent would be the progenitor of the Family-Nation Israel who would be instructed and taught to conduct themselves “As God Is”, their teachers being led by the Spirit of God (their Spiritual descent), overcoming the usurpative adversarial systemic of the Agents of Creation – the “Fallen”, who ultimately had rejected through pride and selfishness their very Creator.

Claiming to be like the Most High in their accomplishments (the pinnacle being the development of the Human Being), and forgetting the Author of “their very being”, they ascribed to themselves a God-level existence and sought the very Throne of the Universe itself. Being defeated and cast back down to their “First-Estate”, these “Fallen” now claimed the Human Family for itself, seeking to thwart Human Kind’s destiny of becoming the Family of God(-Kind) for which it was designed – even to the point of the procreation of themselves instead through the Watchers lust (though not of the original Fallen Angels) (the Holy Watchers possibly coerced or deceived by the Fallen, Humankind being now physically restricted to them)), as related in Genesis 6 and the Book of Enoch, a resultant physical usurpation of the very “spiritual procreation” of God’s Family – THE GENOME AND FAITH OF THE FALLEN.

MM Addendum 2-5

020(con’t) = — Hagar, the Egyptian (handmaid)
-21 Ishmael (Muhammed(Islam) 1/2 descent line)

021 Patriarch Isaac/Yitshaq ben Abraham (m. at 40y) = -22 Rebekah bat Bethuel (-C-2nd)
022 Patriarch Jacob/Ya’aqov ben Isaac, the Semite = -23 m1. Leah bat Laban (-C-1st)
023 Judah ben Jacob, the Israelite = — Bedsu’el the Canaanite (dau of Shua)
-24 Er = — Tamar, the Semite (m1. 1835BC)
-24 Onan = — Tamar (m2. Gen 38:8)
023(con’t) = (-C-2nd, daughter-in-law) — Tamar (dau of Epher ben Midian)
024 Pharez (P)
025 Hezron/Esrom (1 Chron 2:5)
-26 Jerahmeel
026 Ram/Aram (1 Chron 2:9)
027 Amminadab (1 Chron 2:10)
-28 Elisheba (m. Aaron, below)
028 Nashon/Naasson (1 Chron 2:10), Prince-Leader of Judah
029 Salmon/Salma/Sala (1 Chron 2:11) = — Rachab (?)
030 Boaz/Booz (Ibzan, Judge of Bethlehem) = — Ruth, the Moabitess (m2.)
031 Obed, the Israelite (1 Chron 2:12)
032 Jesse ben Obed, the Ephrathite = — Abala of Israel (m2.)
033 David ben Jesse, King of Israel

(It is also interesting to note that while the genealogy of the Perez branch of Judah’s family is given in great detail for many generations in Scripture, the genealogical record of Zerah’s family is what you see below—that’s it except for a named son of Ethan (1 Chronicles 2:8) and the infamous Achan of Joshua’s day being listed along with his father and grandfather (verse 7; Joshua 7:17-18, 24). This lack of information perhaps suggests that most of Zerah’s descendants were no longer present with the main body of the nation. Perhaps they became upset with their secondary status behind Perez, believing it unfair because of the incident with the scarlet thread and Perez’s breach. Whatever the reason, they appear to have migrated elsewhere.) (source: Aegean Royal Lines From Zerah)

(Descendants of, not the immediate sons of Zara (-1st,-2nd,-3rd, etc., for illustrative purposes in this instance only)):
024 Zerah/Breogan (Z) (1 Chron 2:6, five sons: Zimri, Ethan, Heman, Calcol, Dara (1 Ki 4:31 Mahol))
-1st Dara/Darda (TROJANS; descendant King Edward I (Dara/Calcol, “Lia Fail” Zerah lines merged))
-1st Calcol(1 Ch 2:6)/Cecrops (builder of Athens, BC1556(??))
-2nd Gathelus/Gaedal(Gaels)/Miledh(Milesians) = — Scota (dau of Pharaoh Nectonibus of Egypt)
-3rd * Eber Finn/Hiber/Heber – assigned the two Munsters; joint King with Eremon (c. BC1699(??))
-3rd * Amerghin/Amergin/Hemecus(?), a Druid (both Eber and Amerghin slain by their brother Eremon)
-3rd Ir
-4th Eber/(Heber Finn??) – assigned the principality of Ulster
-3rd Colpa “the Swordsman”
-3rd Barthlome
-3rd * Eremon/Erimionn/Heremon/Eochaidh, first king of the Scots (Lia Fail at Tara); Leinster, Connaught
-3rd 2 more brothers (Gathelus had 8 sons; 5 died enroute to Ireland, 3 survived(*))
-1st Zimri/Zabdi
-1st Heman, the Ezrahite (PSALM 88 post-Davidic)
-1st Ethan/Ith, the Ezrahite (H250 of the family of Zerach) (PSALM 89 post-Davidic)
-2nd Lugaidh/Laghaldh – assigned the territory of Corca Luighe, in South Munster
-3rd Tea/Teah = — Eremon, King of the Scots(Scota) (ref: below)
(note: the “Four Masters” account is in variance(??) with the BI/COG understanding of Tea(Zedekiah’s dau) centuries later) (source: 1. Keating’s History, in slight variance with 2. the article Lia Fail (author Keyser); three variants of the Milesian Legend are extant in Irish manuscript, as explained in the file “The Milesian Legends”)

MM Addendum 2-6

022(con’t) = -23 (above) m2. Rachel bat Laban (-C-1st)
-23 Benjamin ben Jacob (b 1553BC d 1438BC)
023-2 Levi ben Jacob, the Israelite = — Melka (?)
024-2 Kohath ha-Levi (1 Chron 23:6)
025-2 Amram ha-Levi (1 Chron 23:12) = 024 Jochebed ha-Levi (Nephew=Aunt)
-26-2 Moses, Hebraic Prophet and Lawgiver, Leader of the Exodus from Egypt (19th Dynasty, Rameses II “the Great”)

-26-2 Moses = m1. — (Zagwe) = m2. Tarbis, Nubian (Maternal g-Aunt of Rameses II)
(19th Dynasty 03. SETI I [SETHOS] [MENMAATRE SETI] (father of Rameses II) = Thuya [A], dau of Reyja [son of Payai, a Lybian prince] & wife Thuya, dau of Bekra, # 12 [18th Dynasty] & wife Baktaten, dau of Amenhotep III, # 9 [18th-Dynasty] [note: Payai was the son of Payuti, King of Libya. The sister of Payai, namely, Iteye [Eti] “The Corpulent”, was the wife and queen of Piori II, King of Kush, the parents of Tarbis, who was Moses’ Nubian/Ethiopian wife] (Numbers Ch. 12)) (12th Dynasty 05. SENWOSRET III [SESOSTRIS] [KHAKAURE SENWOSRE] [note: his grand-vizier was JOSEPH of Bible fame; and, in a relief of Senwosret III it shows the arrival of a group of Semitic looking people presented to the Pharaoh; apparently, they were important enough to have their images portrayed by the Egyptians; this, is cited by some scholars as representing Israel’s entry into Egypt, when Joseph brought his whole family from Canaan-Palestine to Egypt, numbering about 70 people.]) reference file: Hyksos-Ephraimite 15th, Hyksos-Judahite 16th Egyptian Dynasties (post-Joseph) (source: DH)

-26-2d(M) Miriam, Hebraic Prophetess (Exodus 15)
026-2 Aaron ha-Levi, Hebraic High Priest = -28 Elisheba bat Amminadab (Cousin) (Exodus 6:23)
-27-2 Ithamar ben Aaron ha-Kohen, High Priest (— descendant, the Prophet Jeremiah, ref: below)
-27-2 Nadab ben Aaron ha-Kohen
-27-2 Abihu ben Aaron ha-Kohen
027-2 Eleazer ben Aaron ha-Kohen (3rd son), High Priest = — (?) dau of Putiel
028-2 Phinehas ben Eleazer ha-Kohen, High Priest (1 Chron 6:4) (Commanded the Army vs. the Midianites)
029-2 Abishua ben Pinehas ha-Kohen (1 Chron 6:4), High Priest
030-2 Bukki ben Abishua ha-Kohen (1 Chron 6:5), High Priest
031-2 Uzzi ben Bukki ha-Kohen (1 Chron 6:5), High Priest
032-2 Zerahiah ben Uzzi ha-Kohen (1 Chron 6:6)
033-2 Meraioth ben Zerahiah ha-Kohen (1 Chron 6:6)
034-2 Amariah ben Meraioth ha-Kohen (1 Chron 6:7)
035-2 Ahitub ben Amariah ha-Kohen (1 Chron 6:7)
036-2 Zadok “the Priest” ben Ahitub ha-Kohen, High Priest c.970BC (line of Eleazer and Phinehas (dignity restored)) (made High Priest by Saul; High Priest in the reign of David) (descent line of Zadok, the primary Priestly Heritage)
037-2 Ahimaaz ben Zadok ha-Kohen (1 Chron 6:8)
038-2 Azariah ben Ahimaaz ha-Kohen, High Priest (1 Chron 6:9) (succeeded his GF Zadok; consecrated the Temple)
039-2 Johanan ben Azariah ha-Kohen (1 Chron 6:9)
040-2 Azariah ben Johanan ha-Kohen (1 Chron 6:10), High Priest ((at Jerusalem) during the reign of Abijah and Asa)
041-2 Amariah ben Azariah ha-Kohen (1 Chron 6:11)
042-2 Ahitub ben Amariah ha-Kohen (1 Chron 6:11)
043-2 Zadok ben Ahitub ha-Kohen (1 Chron 6:12)
044-2 Shallum ben Zadok ha-Kohen (1 Chron 6:12), High Priest
045-2 Hilkiah ben Shallum ha-Kohen c.623BC, High Priest in the reign of Josiah (found the lost Books (2 Kings 22:8))
046-2 Azariah ben Hilkiah ha-Kohen (1 Chron 6:13), High Priest
047-2 Seraiah ben Azariah ha-Kohen (1 Chron 6:14) c.587BC
-48-2 Ezra, skilled Scribe: Law of Moses (Ezra 7:1-6); Priest
—– post-Captivity Ezraen Judaism (a minority of Judah return to Jerusalem; the majority decide to stay in Babylon)
048-2 Jehozadak ben Seraiah ha-Kohen (1 Chron 6:14), High Priest (taken captive to Babylon, 1 Chron 6:15)
049-2 Jeshua ben Jehozadak ha-Kohen, High Priest c.520BC (Ezra 10:18) (HP under Zerubbabel; Ezra 3:2 helped build Altar)
050-2 Joiakim ben Jeshua ha-Kohen, High Priest (Neh 12:10)
051-2 Eliashib ben Joiakim ha-Kohen, High Priest c.445BC (Neh 12:10)
052-2 Joiada ben Eliashib ha-Kohen, High Priest (Neh 12:10)
053-2 Jonathan ben Joiada ha-Kohen, High Priest (Neh 12:11)
054-2 Jaddua ben Johanan ha-Kohen, High Priest (Neh 12:11) (last High Priest mentioned in the OT)
055-2 Onias I ben Jaddua ha-Kohen, High Priest
056-2 Simon “the Just” ben Onias ha-Kohen, High Priest
057d (below)

MM Addendum 2-7

[Mariam Lineage]
(ancestry continues, above)
033 David ben Jesse = —(above) Bathsheba
034 Nathan ben David (ancestor of the Nathanite-line of the Royal House)
035 Mattathan
036 Menon/Mennan (Menna)
037 Melea
038 Eliakim
039 Jonam/Jonan
040 Joseph
041 Judah (Jude)
042 Simeon
043 Levi
044 Matthat (Mattathan)
045 Joram/Jorim.
046 Eliezer
047 Jose (Joshua)
048 Er
049 Elmodam
050 Cosam
051 Addi
052 Melchi
053 Neri(ah), Davidic-Nathanite Prince (Luke 3:27-31) = -51d Tamar (dau of Johanan, Solomonic heiress (DD))
(source: DD/Gospel Luke)

054 Shealtiel (1 Chron 3:17), 2nd Exilarch (“step-son” of Jeconiah; son of Neriah and Tamar (DD); Royal Davidic Heir) (ancestry lines of Mary(Nathan) Luke 3:27, and Joseph(Solomon) Matt 1:12 here merge as a combined legal Davidic and Messianic descent excluding the line from Jeconiah; much confusion exists on this point with many arguements)
055 Zerubbabel/Zorobabel, Royal Davidic Heir = —(DD) m2. Rhodah (foreign wife; Persian Princess)
056 Rhesa/Reza (half-bro of Persian Shah Darius I “the Great” (DD))
-57 Jehoezar/Yehoezer, Governor of Judah BC490-470
-58 Jahzevah/Ahzai, Governor of Judah BC470-(?)
057 Joanna/Yohannai/Jehohanen
058 Judah
059 Joseph
060 Semei
061 Mattathias
062 Maath/Maadd
063 Naggai
064 Esli/Azaliah
065 Naum
066 Amos
067 Mattathias ben Amos ha-David = 057d(-2) (?) bat Simon ha-Kohen (source: peerage)
068 Joseph ben Mattathias
069 Janna/Janne/Jannai ben Joseph
070 Melchi/Melki ben Janna
071 Levi ben Melchi
(source: Gospel Luke 3:23-27 (Mariam descent))

MM Addendum 2-8

072 Matthat “Nassi” (Prince) (ben Levi of Arimathea) = (072) m1.(div) Esther of Jerusalem (Hasmonaean Princess) (Esther being Paul’s -A2-1 may explain the close working relationship with Yoseph in Britain and with Peter later in Rome; Paul was “family” by marriage only to Yoseph and Peter but Paul was directly related to Mariam/Yeshua/MM)
072(con’t) = 072 m2. Rachel of Arimathea (m2.) (dau of Eleazar(??))
073 Yoseph of Arimathea (half-bro to Heli, half-U1 to Mariam), Roman “Nobilis Decurion”, Member of the Sanhedhrin (JA)
-74(??) Joseph(es) (DD and others claim son of Yoseph; LG and others claim 2nd son of Yahoshua; posit 2nd son of (JM) (just below))
074d Enygeus (Anna) of Arimathea = 063[004] Bran “the Blessed”, Archdruid, Fisher King
(JA descendancy continues, Lineage: [002])
— (?) = 072(con’t) Rachel of Arimathea (m1.)
half-U Joshua
half-U (Jo)Nathan/Jonathan (older half-bro to JA, no direct relation to Mariam)
half-C-1st Simeon/Simon bar Jona, Apostle Peter (half-nephew to JA)
half-C-1st Andreas/Andrew, Apostle (brothers both former disciples of John the Baptist)
half-A JoAnna
(posit half-C-1st)

072(con’t) = — m3. Salome “the Proselyte”, Herodian Princess
half-U Gjor (executed AD45/46)
half-C-1st Simon Bar Gjora, “King of Judah” AD69-70 (defended Jerusalem, surrendered to the Romans, crucified in Rome)

072-2 Jeshua III (Joshua/Jesus ben Fabus/Phabi/Phiabi), 59th High Priest BC30-23, appointed by King Herod the Great (the House of Phiabi (from Alexandria) was one of the four Sadduccee families who answered the call by Herod to return to Jerusalem; some researchers claim these families were non-Zadokite, but this House was of Aaron)
-73-2d Elizabeth (of the daughters of Aaron) = — Zacharias, Levitical Priest (8th division Abijah)
-74-2 John “the Baptist” (ESSENE) (LAST Aaronic claimant High Priest; passed Aaronic HP to Christ (Melchizedek Order))
-73-2d JoAnna = — Joachim “Nasi/Nassi” (Davidic Prince)(ref: DD)
(Zerubbabel m3. Esthra(Jewish Princess)-Meshullam–Hattush “Nasi”–Enaid–(?) Bar-Panther, opposed Rome BC63, crucified) (Joachim “Nasi” a descendant of Enaid, the JUNIOR-LINE of MESHULLAM (MESHULLAM SENIOR-LINE EXILARCHS ended 4BC))
-74-2d(below) Escha = (below) Ptolas (bro of Yoseph, Clopas)
-75-2(??) Thomas “Didymus” (“twin”), Cousin-Apostle
-74-2d Salome = — Zebadiah/Zebedee(Gr) (House of Levi)
075-2 Yakob(James) Zebedee (=Mary Magdalene (m2.) posit) (JM) (Cousin-Apostle, martyred AD44 whereupon MM/entourage fled to Provence)
-76-2 Yeshua II Justus (Gais Gesu(?)) b. 37AD
-77-2 Galains/Alain ((??)LG source) (d without issue)
076-2 Yosephes (the “Rama-Theo”) (“Grail” lineage) b. 44AD (-C2-1-3rd to J1/sAnna)
077-2 Joshua (-C2-1-4th), first Grail-King, built Corbenic Castle in France (Picardy) to house the Holy Grail (HG)
077-2 Alain “Li Gros” (-C2-1-4th)
(JM “Grail” descendancy continues, Lineage: [002])
-75-2 Yohanan(John) Zebedee, Cousin-Apostle, NT Author (John, I/II/III John, Revelation), Mariam’s guardian from AD31
-74-2d Maria (DD source, most others claim sis of Mariam, dau of Heli/Anne, just below)

073 Joachim/Heli/Eli, Davidic Prince = 073(-2) Anne
-74d (below) Maria (Mary Jacob, MM/entourage) (John 19:25) = (just below) Cleopas/Clopas (Luk 24:18,Joh 19:25)
-75 Little Yakob(os) (James the Less) (Mark 15:40, *Mat 10:3, Apostle); (*Clarke/JFB comm. Cleopas/Alpheus)
-76 John
-76 Jude, a Nazarene Bishop in Greece
-77 Evarist, 5th Nazarene Bishop of Rome (d AD105)
-78 Hyginus, Nazarene Elder/9th (Gnostic?) Bishop of Rome (d AD140)
-75 Yosetos (Joses/Jose(ph)) “Barsabas” (“a son of the oath” (*Henry comm.)) (took the Roman (sur)name Justus) (*Acts 1:23, possibly Col 4:11 (Jesus Justus), fellow-worker with Paul (Henry comm.), candidate to replace Judas)
-76 Khozabah
-77 Simeon
-75 Symeon (Simon Bar-Cleophas), 2nd Nazarene n’tzarim (led COG to Pella AD66-73)(executed with his sons AD107)
-75 Jude “Thaddeus/Lebbaeus” (Mat 10:3 Apostle, Lebbaeus surnamed Thaddaeus), probable NT Author of Jude (*JFB comm. Judas bro of James – Luk 6:16, Acts 1:13, Joh 14:22)
-76 Papa/Pappos (c AD125) (?? early Christian writer “Papias of Hierapolis”, c AD125)
-85 John, one of the eight Desposynic Princes AD318 …
-75(?? source RCC/Ang) Matthew (Mat 9:9)/Levi(Mar 2:14 son of Alphaeus, Luk 5:27-28), publican, Apostle, NT Author
-75d (7 dau’s) Cyria, Salome, Johanna, Lillian, Susanna, Miriam, Dinah
[Mariam Lineage]