MM Addendum 1-21

Study disciplines and pseudo-(un)disciplines (subjective/anecdotal/self-referencing) — the “nature of the Beast” must be changed or else the Beast must cease-to-exist — multifaceted consciousness [early 17th century; French facette “little face”, face] — intrinsic motivation [15th century; via French, late Latin intrinsecus “inward”, assumed Latin intrim “within”] [conscientious objection] vs. imposed basic/social assumptions, intellection management and control — content-awareness variability/(re-)definition(s); the COG [Church of God] is the “definientia” [definiens (plural definientia) n. definition words: the words used to define a word or expression, e.g. in a dictionary or glossary (technical)] [late 19th century; medieval Latin, “something that defines”, present participle of Latin definire], we define the Logos, the Christ at this time [the definiendum (plural definienda) n. word being defined: the word or expression defined by a definition, e.g. in a dictionary or glossary (technical)] [late 19th century; Latin , “thing to be defined”, definire] by our “being and doing”; the Family of God actualizes and defines God(-ing), we are the “words” who define the “Word” !!

The Tellan (tell(-ing)) [Old English tellan; Germanic, “put in order”] — God loves every human being, maybe we should be (being-) doing the same — Books/(Library) are a mentation extension, a literary/study communion/relationship, comprehension illustration(s) — secular-arrestors (ie., secular religion/ideology) causing disbelief/distrust in God; evil spoilers, profiteers/propheteers, looters, exploiters — the Body of Christ vs. the Corporate [16th century; Latin corporatus, past participle of corporare “form a body”; corpus “body”] — we live amidst a savage world which exhibits a thin veneer of civility; there is much to say as a Tellan Servitor but very few are willing to listen; nascent and emergent thought must manifest vs. the SAGE; we must be the Emergents (emergent consciousness vs. the toxigenic SAGE); the Minders (to bear in mind; carry; “taking the Lord’s Name” (meanings = responsibilities)) – seeing is not believing, believing is seeing — the Corporate are the “false-body(-ies)”, the pseudo-Christos “false-Christ(s)”.


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