MM Addendum 1-22

The more fear there is in the world, the more people are willing to be ideologically imprisoned and shackled – imprisoned within the prevailing SAGE national systemics, the mechanisms of subjugation and control; democratic-fascism must produce (as a profit/loss) supposed-freedom(s) as its operating theatre (freedom as servant/in service to control); usurpation/misuse/misrule of the “power of the people”, now used against the same and against those considered outside; the idolization, the apotheosis(-sys) of the Nation-State (the identification with, and the defense of); obedience/obeisance as measure (of freedom(s)/of right(s) of Mammon) — Governments ensure/effect compliance — “war is terrorism of the rich against the poor; terrorism is war of the poor against the rich” [quote: BBC.Intelligence2(squared), Debate, Sat.Jan.19.08] — the 1700’s, the “New World” Order established – the concept of America is the “wool pulled over the eyes” by the SAGE (grievous wolves in sheep’s clothing) and their “merchant nation”.

Consumers (takers) and the consumed; Mammon’s systemic must “feed on others”/profit to exist, to survive/remain viable: [consume (past and past participle consumed, present participle consuming, 3rd person present singular consumes) v. 1. vt eat or drink something: to eat or drink something, especially in large amounts 2. vt use something up: to use something in such a way that it cannot be reused or recovered afterward 3. vt engross somebody: to fill somebody’s mind or attention fully (usually passive) (ie., consumed by a desire for new experiences) 4. vt destroy something or somebody: to destroy something or somebody completely (ie., was consumed by fire) 5. vti buy from others: to buy goods or services produced by other people ] [14th century; directly/via French; Latin consumere “take up completely”, sumere “take”].


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