MM Addendum 1-23

Economic “Mechanism Design” Theory – systemic designed/determined by a desired outcome, the designed systemic resultant – the destruction/death of God(-ing); fail-safe support mechanism(s) mimicry; SAGE spiritual illness exemplification — “Global Warming solutions must not impede economies because they provide the Capital which will develop the technologies to overcome the Global Warming” [the CATO Institute (BBC News)] — we are bound to a systemic designed to enslave the many and enrich the few; enslaved freedom: enslaved to a systemic that provides the supposed freedom(s) – the SAGE will stop at nothing to make/ensure their version/vision of reality – personal gain as primary motivating factor is the eventual death of mankind, not the liberating progress as claimed; personal gain at the expense or “detriment” of another is in violation of God, it is evil defined; progress defined by historical and Human “detritus” is actually regress — “personal conduct” is the God-Family determinant.

[detriment (plural detriments) n.1. disadvantage: damage, harm, or disadvantage 2. harmful thing: something that causes damage, harm, or disadvantage [15th century; via French, Latin detrimentum, deterere “wear away”, terere “rub, wear”]

[detritus n. 1. debris: debris or discarded material 2. geology rock fragments: fragments of rock that have been worn away 3. ecology organic matter: organic debris formed by the decomposition of plants or animals [late 18th century; Latin, past participle of deterere (see detriment); detrital, adj.]


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