MM Addendum 1-24

National Economy/Corporation to MNC (Multi-National Corporation) to TNC (Trans-National Corporation) to supra-National Corporate Economy and Globalization – the “Nation-State” is the enemy of the actual Nation [private-State over public-Nation], the people; SAGE placements in key positions within the government(s) ensure the “ship of state” is steered where they want it to go, and does what they want it to do; the “Captain” receives his orders from the SAGE; the MIIM [Military-Industrial-Intelligence(/Legal) Matrix] is wholly employed in the service of the SAGE; the SAGE maintain and employ their own “armed forces” made up of some of the best from the various National Armed Services; the SAGE Military is the best trained and best equipped Force in the world, highly compensated and totally loyal to SAGE Interests as their very own; they have “carte blanche” access to practically the whole globe being given vested governmental authority to counter any who would question or hinder their actions; they are invisible to governmental, legal, media or public scrutiny or investigation, ie., 9/11 – this Military Force is not just external but internal to the Western Military Forces; within their Ranks are SAGE Officers (who carry out their orders “without question” before and “without answer/response” afterwards) in command of the National Apparatus in the service of the SAGE/National Purpose-Interest(s); the SAGE Force is supplemented by the “Special Forces” of the various Nations in many operations (from whose ranks many of the externals are recruited, as mentioned); the SAGE and their “false flag”/”black ops” are beyond jurisdiction, the SAGE are the jurisdiction (legal authority) and are protected and excused by the very National Systemics that they have authored and own (SAGE Interest is the National Interest, they are one-and-the-same).


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