MM Addendum 1-25

“Patriotism” and its “patriots”, the mythology of the Nation, is wholly in the service of the SAGE, the more vehement the opposition, the better; America was designed and implemented by the SAGE, it was-and-is the vehicle/excuse of the USA, the “New World” Order, the usurpation by the “Princes” of the “Old World” Order; the idol of America was carved by the SAGE; the “founding fathers” were of the SAGE, and now the FRN is the instrument/implement of “world order”; the US-UK, the “sons of Joseph” the new-old are reconciled/united in purpose, but, their brothers, the emerging EU, are changing the “game plan”, conflict within the SAGE is growing; FRN vs. Euro will expose the struggle; the creation of Americanada will negate the US national debt by balancing the books so-to-speak, mostly by incorporating Canada’s vast natural resources; the SAGE Corporate “Giants” are the source of conflict within the SAGE themselves, they have become the “persona’s”, even to the point of usurping “identity and role” within — all is done by-and-through “human agency”; the SAGE “bloodline” is the author-ity (Desposyni); Mammon disables human-ity – incarnation by the “Holy Spirit” [the spiritual-genomic binding/marriage with the Human Spirit] or possession by the adversarial “spiritual influence” — maintenance of claim is the imperative; business is possession of “heart and mind”, we serve Mammon !! – what are we becoming because of the SAGE and “our” systemic ?? – we are in violation of God — the “Nation-States” are “business societies” not the cooperative-communitarian society envisioned and exemplified by Christ.


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