MM Addendum 1-26

The FRN/Euro currencies *are* world governance, command/control – non-accommodation of dissonant facts: most people cannot accommodate conflicting/incompatible facts within their own understanding, their individual paradigm(s) — upon realization of the self-sufficient “SAGE-Technocracy” those considered unneeded by the systemic will be eliminated; implementation of this systemic is the primary SAGE goal — we have no right to excess when so many have little or nothing – the “neo-con” agenda and affiliations of the Bush Admin(R)., past-and-present, and the “Wall St.” agenda and affiliations of the Obama Admin(D)., past-and-present, were/are so blatant, so in-your-face, yet unseen and unrecognized by the majority of a society so plugged into the systemic that even if aware will not risk opposition – they/we are complicit, yet, most are not response-able, they are not able to respond – the “communication of love” is barely seen, felt or heard in Mammon’s world systemic (kosmos) as it is diametrically opposed to it.

“Money as Debt” is the “instrument” of “Authority and Power” in a “State Society”; the “depredation” of Business [an act of plundering and pillaging and marauding] has resulted in financial collapse – – monetary wealth is the poverty of others; to have material abundance when so many are in need is in “violation of God” — “World View” is a key concept – the “Faith of the Fallen” represents the complete spiritual and physical domination and possession of humankind resulting in the negation of God(-ing) !! – THE NEGATION OF GOD-ING IS THE ULTIMATE AIM OF MAMMON¬†!! — even if you do not believe in God, God believes in you !! – God is love; we experience God, or the lack thereof, by-and-through our interactions with each other !! — COG Inc., secular-Christianity = the “cult of God”, the “ritual of worship” — to declare “supremacy” of (our) God is to deny Him: the only “authority” that comes from God is “to serve” — encoding formulations = political, religious, social, ie., election dates, Holy Days, traditions, etc., religio-social systemics, psychological receptors, ie., fundamentalism; the social medium (spiritual/physical manifestation (psychological), ie., the paranormal, visions, etc.); within the “realm of thought” it all becomes real: “the belief” (the belief reality; mind-set; RESONANCE) – “TRUTH” IS RESONANCE (Nature/Nurture, Genetic/Social-Relations) – FAITH CONSTRUCTS — CORPORATE FUNDAMENTALISM (MAMMON) is the State Religion in service to “private governance” – Mammon’s “social codes” or Messiah’s (the 10C).


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