MM Addendum 1-13

SAGE Genealogy:

Four Primary Descent Lines: the 4 Pillars, determined from Grandparents, ea., Paternal GF-1, GM-1 / Maternal GF-1, GM-1 (Paternal Inheritance in regard to Maternal Lines: mGF-2/1r, mGM-3/2r) (the four foundational corners: “Parental House”)

* Progenitor Bloodline: High Born – Close 2-5 (1r-4r); 1-4 Pillar (set in STONE) (Chosen/Called)
* Progenic Bloodline: Near Born – Near 6-10 (5r-9r); 1-4 Pillar (set in STONE) (Chosen/Called)

Paternal Inheritance-r: CLOSE-r, NEAR-r, DISTANT-r, FAR-r (refers to the actual Maternal count to subject)
(r = removed from the Paternal primary line (proximity)
(d = degree, exclusive count (lineal generations), parents being the 1st degree)

Selective Mating to strengthen Pillars (many have only one or two High-Near Pillars); degrees of ennoblement/ennobling; Judah(Z)/Davidic(P)-J1 Royal, Desposynic (JA, Jo, sAnna, J1), REX DEUS (JM-Grail, HG-Holy Grail), and combinations thereof; (note: the majority of these Bloodlines, unknown (to themselves) and known are not “SAGE Called” – the SAGE determinants are systemic and establishmentarian – selective callings – they are “self-appointing/appointed” – Mammon determines and appoints its own; there are many High-Near Born “common” dependents/slaves (no systemic rights), considered non-worthy – yet from these, right is reserved of selective placement, calling and marriage to strengthen “established” Bloodlines) (note: subsequent Addendums will detail the lineages and define the Bloodlines mentioned).


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