MM Addendum 1-14

Exiled Israeli Bloodlines: systemic dependents (corporate being) and systemic slaves (Masters need dependents and slaves); (the “many” considered in Babylon, exiles who have no inheritance rights; those outside of the SAGE, those “under” but not “within” the Shadow (= the slaves); those “within” (= the dependents); the SAGE have assumed the Babylonic Thrones; the many Israeli (and “others” under-within) considered “common”; the non-systemic “other” populations considered “disposable”).

* Distant Born – Distant 11-15 (10r-14r) (set in gravel; unstable (eroded/crushed)) (adoption/merit notice/uncalled)
* Far Born – Far Distant 16+ (15r+) (set in sand, unsupported (erased)) (adoption/merit notice/uncalled)

SAGE selective placements – position, wealth, marriage (grafted into the Vine; SAGE Eugenics; progeny descent proximity); Davidic and Messianic Branches – Corporate Being determinant (Master or servant (you have to be with(-in) the program)); (behind-the-scenes and unobserved “selective steerage”, ie., Scholarships, Foundational Grants, Corporate and Military advancement, etc., based on merit and “descent”; from the “many” steered the “few” selected for possible “CORE” inclusion – the “Elect” (Mammon has many “Called” Privileged and Elite but few “Chosen” Elect – the Elect-Royal Guardian Elite)); (note: those of Distant-Far Born “high merit” may be systemically “adopted” and even “engrafted” into a Progenic Line).


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