MM Addendum 1-15

The SAGE: A Private, Closed Society (the Private Agency that owns and controls the world)

* 70 SAGE ELDERS – the Tyrean Nobility – the “Chief Council” of Israel-Judah and its High-Near Born “Lord’s Council”
* 25 SAGE PRIESTS – the Tyrean Priesthood – the “Inner Court” (representing the Davidic Faiths (600 BC) (most major Faiths))
(elaborate records, details, convincing proofs and definitions: Spiritual/Progenic Ancestry of Religions/Leadership(s))
* 25 SAGE PRINCES – the Tyrean Royalty – the Royal SAGE  (incl., Royal Islam)
(Genealogical roots into the world’s Royal Lines, legitimizing claim for Corporate Linkages, Family Bonds (SAGE Being))

* The 120 of Mammon’s Enthroned (reference Ezekiel 8, 11)
Their Xn Fundamentalist label is “The White Brotherhood” (may refer to “white robes” or the “white dove” or “white swan” or in imitation, or in use of, the Theosophy label); their politico-fictional representation is the “Sanhedrin” of the “Protocols”, etc., the “image” nearly but not quite grasped, and mis-represented.

* SAGE PEERAGE – the High-Near Born Families, and those engrafted – the Peerage Council sits under the Lord’s Council

SAGE “Circles of Reliance” (CORE):
* SAGE “Inner Core” – 3000 Members (High/Near Aristocracy, the Corporate Elect (Owners, Directors and Executives))
* SAGE “Outer Core” – 5000 Members (High/Near Governance Elect, the Appointed Aristocracy (US/UK/EU Government-MIIM)
(“MIIM” Military-Industrial-Intelligence Matrix) – non-SAGE inclusion/invited participation does not represent equality – the SAGE can defame or subsume any who refuse or disobey and/or simply erase them from recorded/accepted History – Military Forces are in effect mercenary in the employ of SAGE Interests, particularly supranational “Black Op” Agencies.

* SAGE CORE Trust(s): those outside yet employed in “positions of trust” vital to CORE Interests; allegiance is to the Governmental/Corporate Interest; participants have no inside knowledge, yet from their ranks are those selected and recruited for future CORE Membership – these CORE Groups are termed the “Corporatocracy” in the film “Zeitgeist Addendum”; the fundamentalist politico-sect “The Family” is a recruitment vehicle for the CORE Trusts (“The Family” has been profiled by author Jeff Sharlet through many articles, interviews and a book of the same name).


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