MM Addendum 1-18

To use violence against a violent systemic is to be used/employed by the very systemic you are opposed to; the systemic thrives on violence, depends on it; the systemic has, continues to, and will again, propagate its enemies to whatever degree needed (the Broom of Destruction); opposition is purposefully maintained — the evil mantras of “national security” and “shareholder profit” as perpetual right/excuse — what would be abhorrent as personal prejudice becomes acceptable when applied to the common(s), the collective security/threat.

Social/Group/Individual Consciousness Spectrum (light/dark) — the constructed reality does not need the “excess” of Humanity to work, in fact it is impeded by it; rather than sharing the actual “common-wealth”, the private usurpators will allow (due to systemic demands) and induce selective culling of the unneeded and unwanted – sequence management (series/parallel set of sequences; event initiation, consequence steerage) — the SAGE Machiavellian Princes [cynical and ruthless politics (Machiavellianism)] — self-interest as primary motivating factor of human interaction/development (Mammonism defined) is the death of mankind (personal gain at the expense of another = evil defined); Christ defined is the well-being of the other.


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