MM Addendum 1-19

How do we address God and each other (situational address: to give face to; deal with an issue; direct to; begin task) ?? — wherever there is power and authority, position, privilege and avarice (pappa), God is not present … this is the false-Fatherhood of Mammonism — low regard/high regard authority, many of low regard exercise only positional authority; some of high regard/ venerational-authority hold no official-systemic position but can affect the systemic adversely or beneficially — the only “sanction/authority of God” is that of Love, the unselfish Love of God as impetus and resultant, the “unleavened bread of sincerity and truth” — “Thou shalt have no other Gods (ways of life; systemics; Being and Doing; our very God-ing) before me” – the common-wealth of God vs. the private-wealth of Man; our systemics (Mammon), our very way of life, or very being, makes us inhuman/inhumane – we exist in a “divergent reality” diametrically opposed to God(-ing); we are in “violation of God” – our “social sins” mark us and our children.

“Losing my religion” = one’s dissociation with a conceptual model; the “fear of God” instilled by men/religion is intelligence/reason erasure/denial, ie., the loss of salvation by acceptance of science, ie., Darwinian Evolutionary Theory vs. Intelligent Design/Creationism Critique – science is the “scripture of creation”; Intelligent Developmental Genetic Design with “natural selection/evolution within Kind”, the purposeful Development of Life by an Intelligent Agency, the Angelic First Estate (Devolution Progenitor) — we are all “walking the path to God” no matter your professed belief or disbelief (one’s life journey), we must all understand this, we will all give account – our “life’s journey” is to discover and achieve God(-Family); the one voice chorus.


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