MM Addendum 1-10

SAGE financed “war of eradication” – WWII an extension of WWI – a contrived HOLOCAUST, using the Assyrian threat (Asshur “Feroher”, the Sacred presence), Germanic “Fuhrer” – ie., Hitler’s bankers, US-Swiss complicity; RC Church Ratlines; selective prosecutions, complicity on a grand scale; incorporation of SS-Gestapo into Interpol; the division of Europe; Bretton Woods; the Marshall Plan (rebuild in the image and likeness), etc. — eradication of the economic slump of 1929 by a war economy; eradication of Italian Fascism and eastern european unrest; use/eradication of Germanic paganism, revived militant-religious nationalism (Nazism: Hitler “Beast, False Prophet”, 1000yr Reich, Occult “Aryan” High Priest); eradication of non-Judah eastern european Jewry; the defeat and assimilation of Samurai Japan: 1931 sep.18 Manchuria to 1945 sep.02 surrender = 14yrs …

Tanaka Memorial; blueprint for world conquest; based on document dated May 18, 1592 – the great national hero of Japan, Hideyoshi, had set forth in this document the great national plan for world empire and setting the Mikado on the throne to rule the world – this had been a Japanese national dream for three centuries – Baron Tanaka, then Premier, presented the Tanaka Memorial as a definite blueprint for world conquest to the Mikado – this led directly to the bombing of Pearl Harbour – it was based on the religious conviction that the Mikado is the direct descendant of the Mother of Heaven – being, therefore, the SON of Heaven, the Emperor had to be established on the throne of the world to show that he is God.


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