MM Addendum 1-11

… the awakening and using of Soviet Russia (1922/23 Apr 16 Treaty of Rapallo – Germany-USSR; Oct 30 Mussolini forms Fascist government; Soviet States form USSR) — a CULL, esp. of Germany-USSR (75% of the european theatre) — beyond the normal realm of comprehension — Versailles Treaty, the Wilson Plan, League of Nations attempt until 1922 – 1914-1918 WWI (end of the antagonistic monarchies; the old world order (1898-1908 Boer War, Spanish-American War, the Russian-Japanese War)) – the “Stone Kingdom”, the “5th great empire”, the Kingdom of Israel filling the earth after smiting the “image upon its feet” (Nebuchadnezzar’s dream; Dan 2:34-35, 42-44) – SAGE Holy War vs. the twin (both feet of the image) pagan Beast-False Prophet threat of Japan and Germany — the “Israel Empire” fulfilling its destiny, setting up the foundation of a redeemed Israel; SAGE Armageddon 1939-45 (as understood and received then by the SAGE); (as generally understood now by secular-Christianity, the two legs of iron represent the divided Roman Empire, East and West, while the feet and 10 toes of iron-miry clay represent the divided Roman systemic (feet) and the final ten nation states and/or combines, in a physical fulfillment of Daniel’s Image: the NWO (the SAGE construct)).


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