MM Addendum 1-12

The SAGE agenda has repeatedly demonstrated its savagery: 75+ million killed in WWI and WWII; an estimated 80 million culled by Stalin; three million Koreans and Chinese slain in the Korean War; two million Vietnamese; tens of thousands of Iraqis murdered in the slaughter of the first Persian Gulf War, and over one million dead as a consequence of the West’s starvation blockade and destruction of infrastructure; tens of thousands killed in the Balkan’s and now again ten’s of thousands killed in the second Iraq War, including Afghanistan; not to mention the hundreds of thousands of allied and US troops killed, who went to war in the defense of their country, unwitting pawns under SAGE control — this barbaric system of racism, oppression and mass murder has been exposed – this is dangerous knowledge – if we remain silent we give silent approval to our continued complicity (no longer unknown) in this insane-evil systemic – what are we going to do about it ?? – disinvestment and expatriation is the beginning, the first step.


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