MM Addendum 1-7


Tyrean (Tyre) Consciousness (Ezek 26-28): conscious evil (with-)in the world/kosmos (Hosea 9:13); the social subconscious, under the shadow – the Princes of Tyre, the SAGE gods (Bloodlines); “I sit in the seat of gods” (Ezek 28:2) – the “Shadows on the Land”, the “Shadowcasters” – the Progenitor SAGE Lines and their Corporate Beings –  the “Giant” shadows are merging, joining into total darkness – Daniel 7 Shinar “Lion with eagles wings” – wings plucked off (Patriarchs; God’s Guidance) – Rampant Lion (SAGE Heraldry), Heart of Man (made mortal) = Babylon (Babylonic Judea), the Shinar succession (origins).

SAGE claimed Divine Right Rulership of land and property, including human beings (Ezek 11:15); hubris institutionalized into law – social engineering madness – deep spiritual illness – a sick social psychology expanding into globalized relationships – foundational and current “wealth” by exploitation (vested interest and claim) – the God of War, the “Broom of Destruction” clearing “the Path”, sweeping aside all opposition (Mammon’s Eraser).

Geo-political/military/business scenarios designed to meet every circumstance, to steer, and to mend, the SAGE Agenda(s) – the “Bilderberg” steering group (advising the SAGE Inc., Board of Directors); 100 core members and associates; all are chained by wealth – the Forbes 500/2000, the “Corporate Beings” (SAGE owned, controlled and/or dependent) – the public face, persona – the MASK (covering Mammon’s twisted and distorted face of greed and avarice) – the Tyrean authorship, the “ghost writers” of the National narrative(s).


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