MM Addendum 2-25

— P-2,Z-1/(Silurian/Z-5,JA-6/Jo-6/Z-7,R-8)
085[001]* Aedan mac Gabrain, ri Alban/Aldanus, 6th King Dal Riata 085d[001] = m1. Ygerna del Acqs (J1-1,JA-3/Z-2,JA-4,HG-1)
085 High King Aedàn of Dalriada c.574-608, Anointed Pendragon = 086d(-2) m2. Domelch verch Maelgwn o Gwynedd (see below: Kings of Dal Riata)
086 Artur mac Aedan (b. c.559/563 d. c.596), High King of Britain (Arthur II “Holy Grail” Pendragon)
086 (P-2,Z-1/J1-2,JA-4/Z-3,JA-5,HG-2)

[He was invested as Sovereign Commander and High King in 575AD by the Druid, Merlin Emrys 084[001] (his Grandfather); his primary seat was at Carlisle in northern England; High King Artur controlled the military defence of the English-Scottish Border country; He married Gwenhwyfar de Bretagne, dau of Leo de Grance (?? some sources)]

085d[001] Ygerna/Igrain del Acqs (J1-1,JA-3/Z-2,JA-4,HG-1) = (m1.) — Gwyr-Llew, Dux Carlisle/Gorlois, Dux Cornwall
086d Morganna Le Fay verch Gorles o Cernyw = — King Urien of Rheged and Gowrie/Goure
086d(con’t) High Priestess of the Sisters of Avallon = (not married) half-bro 086 Artur II Pendragon mac Aedan

086d(??) Anna Morgawse verch Gwyrlys o Cernyw
086d Elaine verch Gorles o Cernyw, Queen of Garlot
086 Gormand ap Gwyrlys o Cernyw
086 Cador ap Gwyrlys o Cernyw

(-r in descending order)
087 Mordred/Modred, Arch-Priest of the Sacred Kindred (son of Artur II)
088d Tortolina
088d dau (?) = — Bruidehne/”Bruidhe” (Brude, Druid King of Picts)
089d-2 Pressyne/Pressina “Bruithina Druidess” = — Elinas/Elynas of Alba, Pictish King N. Argyll
090d-3 “Morgana Druidess” Maelasanu/Melusine “Bruithina Druidess” = 090-3 Rainfroi de Vere, Prince of Anjou
(Princess Milouziana d’Avalon of the Scythians; Dragon Princess Scottish Picts; gg-granddaughter of Morgaine)(HG(-4)) (Raymond de Verrieres (Ver-en-Forez, Lanquedoc), Lord Pictavia (Gaul; Laigain-Dumnonii remnant), Anjou (senior Angevin))

091-4 Milo de Vere, Duke of Anjou, “Count Maelo” (Imperial Prince-Commander of (Holy Roman Emperor) Charlemagne’s Army, Ducal Head of Charlemagne’s House), Count of Angleria = — Berta/Bertheld/Bertbelle (sister of Charlemagne) (HG-3)
092-4 Roland, Earl of Palatine, Maunce and Bleuys, Governor of the Marches of Brittany (Charlemagne Knight-Paladin)
092-4 (ANCESTRY: “de Vere”) ((P-5,Z-4/J1-5,JA-7/Z-6,JA-8) (Meroving/HG(-4)-Ygerna/HG(-5)) (P,Z,J1,Meroving,HG CLOSE-r)

092-4 Milo II de Vere, comte de Genney/Ghisnes = — Avelina de Nauntes
093-4 Nicasius de Vere, comte de Genney = — Agathe de Champaign
094-4 Otho de Vere, comte de Genney = — Constance de Montlhery
095-4 Aurelius/Amelius de Vere, comte de Genney = — m1. Maud/Mahaut de Ponthieu (Charlemagne/Meroving-4)
096-4 Gallus de Vere, comte de Genney = — Gerbrudis de Cleremont
(Guy de Guisnes) Gallus/Guillaume (Guy Blanc Barbe) de Vere, Earl of Guisnes/Ghisnes/Genny) (went with William the Conqueror to England AD1066)
097-4 Mansses/Manasses de Vere, comte de Genney
097-4 (ANCESTRY: “de Vere” Earls of Oxford)
097-4 Baudoin/Baldwin de Boulogne (Baudouin II de Boulogne) = — Ada de Ghent/Gand (Adelaide van Holland)
098-4 Eustache I (de Vere), Count of Boulogne = — m1. Matilda/Maud de Louvain (grand-dau of Charles of Laon, Duke of Lower Lorraine/Louvaine, last male heir of Charlemagne) (m2. Goda/Godgifu, dau of Ethelred II “the Unready”, King England; sister of Edward the Confessor) (Note: Alphonso de Vere, comte de Ghisnes, Councillor to Edward “the Confessor”, King of England)

099-4 Eustache II, Count of Boulogne and Lens (1066 Battle of Hastings alongside William) = — Ida de Lorraine (de Verdun) (g-granddau of Godfrey “Barbatus”, Count of Ardenne and Verdun in direct descent from Clodulphe, Duke of Austrasia, brother of 084[006] Ansegisel, Mayor of Austrasia (father of Pippin II); DAVIDIC HEIR JUNIOR LINE-1 (Primary)) (Ida’s Uncle was Frederick of Lorraine who was POPE Stephen IX (d 1058))
100-4 Godfrey de Vere de Bouillon “the Crusader”, Duke Lower Lorraine, Keeper of the Holy Sepulchre (roi de Jerusalem)
100-4 Baldwin I, comte de Odessa, 1st Crusader-King of Jerusalem
100-4 Eustache III, comte de Boulogne et Lens = 103-2d Mary Atheling (dau Malcolm III, King of Scots)
100d-4 Matilda, comtess de Boulogne et Lens m. Etienne de Blois, comte de Boulogne (later, aka Stephen, King of England)


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