MM Addendum 2-15

Lineage: [001]

077[000]* Pharamond (“Voice of the Family”) rex Francorum (J1,JA) = 077 Argotta des Francs Ripuaires (Sicambri/Z,JA-3,R(?))

078 Clodius I “Long Haired”, rex Francorum, DAVIDIC HEIR SENIOR LINE (Primary)
079 JUNIOR LINE (Primary), PRINCE [006]

078 Fredemundus Famundson
079 Nascien I Fredemunduson of Septimania
080 Celedoin Nasciensson
081 Nascien II Celedoinsson Septimania-Midi = (-C) — the “cors benoit” (065d[000] Tamar/Sarah (JC=MM)) (HG-1) (“Holy Grail”) (31/64AD-460AD approx., 400y/12-13gen(33y); the “blessed body” *kept* under the care/tutelage of “raised” -U Lazarus in Roman Occupied Gaul) (Holy Grail Guardian -U Lazarus, Grail Guardian -U the Apostle John, the Corbenic Elders(/Successors), see below)

082 Chilperic of Burgundy, King of Burgundy (Avallon, near Vezelay, Burgundy (1st Crusade Preached AD1095))
083d Chrotechilde of Burgundy (HG-1) = (-C) — Chlodovech I (Clovis), rex Francorum [SENIOR LINE] (Clotide known as “the girl of the French Vineyards”) (MEROVINGIAN meaning “Vine of Mary” (various sources)) (Clovis I “the Great” of France, King (RCC recognition) = St. Clotide de Bourgogne) (NOTE: “Merovingian” Meroving(-2) descent from JC=MM originates from Clovis I)

084 Ingomir (d young)
084 Clodomir, King of Orleans (d 524)
084 Childebert I, King of Paris (d 558) (defeated Amalaric at Narbonne AD531 vs. forced converson Clotilda to Arianism))
084 Clotaire I, King of Soissons, Austrasia and Neustria (d 561)
084d Clotilda/Chrotilda de Meroving (497-531) = (m. c528) — Amalaric, King Visigoths (Septimania) (b c502 d 531)
(Clotilda died enroute to Paris of unknown causes, possibly of exhaustion)

082 Zambor Nasciensson (Archdruid) = (-C) 079d Ceredwin del Acqs, d’Avalon h’Eireann c415 (*)below (la Dompna del Aquae: the Mistress of the Waters (LIVING WATERS)) (Maison de(del) Acqs) (HG-JM “Magdalene” Lines joined) (Grail kept under the care/tutelage of -Uncle John the Apostle (tarry-ing, alive until Christ returns; John left Patmos to establish Corbenic Castle with 077-2[002] Joshua, the first Grail King; 2 Witnesses: John/Lazarus witnessing in the spirit of Moses(withdrawal)/Elijah(return))
083d Arnive del Acqs c435
084d Vivianne Avallon del Acqs (**)
083 Lambord
084 Taliesin Lambordsson (Merlin I) “Great Bard” = (-C) 084d Vivianne Avallon del Acqs (**)
-85d Vivienne (Vivianne II) del Acqs (***)
-85d Morgause del Acqs = — Lot of Lothian
-86-2 Gawain
085d Ygrame Taliesinsdatter = 085[007] Aedan mac Gabhran of Argyll, Pendragon
086-2 Artur mac Aedan, Pendragon (Artur II) (Z-1,J1-2,JA-4/Z-3,JA-5,JM-8,HG-2)

-82 Galians Nasciensson
-83 Jonaans
-84 Lancelot
-85 Ban le Benoic = (-C) -85d Vivienne (Vivianne II) del Acqs (m1.) (***)
-86 Sir Lancelot du Lac = -92–90d[002] Elaine/Elayne (JM-1 Grail,JA-3)
-87 Sir Galahad, Keeper of the Grail (died without issue)

-82 Godefil Nasciensson
-82 Godebaut Nasciensson

-79 Saracint Fredemunduson
-80 Elieser Saracintson

078 Adelbertus of the Franks, Duke of Moselle (Lineage: [005])

[reported in some Mythology sources (Tuatha De Danann origins) and/or Miriam, sister of Moses, Hebraic Prophetess]
(M) … Maternal ancestry from Avalon h’Eireann (Druidess Lineage)
(M) Enir c100 = — Eugein (son of Marius)
— [LG] Coel I (son of Marius) of Camulod (Colchester)
— [LG] Athildus/Athildis (b c90?) = — Marcomir IV, ancestor of (Argotta(=Pharamond))
(M) Calchuynydd/Gladys c120 = — Lleiffer Mawr/Lucius, King of Silures
(M) Eurgen Llywarch (JA) c140, c180 = 080-078[002] Aminadab (JM-1,JA-3)
— …
(M) Morgan/Morrigan c220 = 083-081[002] Titurel (military-order Grail-Knights)
— …
(M)074 Egre c310? = 084-082[002] Boaz Anfortas King-Lord Grail Castle
(M)075 Igraine/Greidiol de la Fountaine c335
(M)076 Ceraint Aoife c360 = — Cuchulainn, Ard-ri (High King) Ireland
(M)077 Merion c390

078 Frotmund, comte de Toulouse, de Acqs (former Acquae Sextiae)/Aix-en-Provence = 078(M) Argotta c404
079d Ceredwin del Acqs, d’Avalon c415 (*)above (Druidess-Grail (JM-5))


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