MM Addendum 2-16

Lineage: [002]

073[000]*(JA) Yoseph of Arimathea

075-2[000]*(JM) Yakob Zebedee (= Mary Magdalene (m2.)) (JM “GRAIL”)
(-C-Apostle, martyred AD44 whereupon MM/entourage fled to Provence)
076-2 Josephes (father of Alain “Li Gros”) (JM(JZ=MM)) (-C2-1-3rd to J1/sAnna; Y/J Zebedee’s mother was Mariam’s -C-1st)
077-2 Joshua (Jesus) dsp, first “Grail”-King, c. AD 100, built Corbenic Castle to house The Holy Grail and as the religious order’s home/community (“Corbenic”, is derived from “cors benoit” = “blessed body”, whence the town of “Corbeni” in Picardy, France, got its name. The religious order removed to Britain in the early 500s, circa AD 519 (post-Roman occupation, under the protection of Artur I “Grail” Pendragon), and left Corbenic Castle empty (post-Clovis I (d AD 511)). The castle was razed by Charlemagne circa AD 800, IN USURPATIVE GUILT).

063[004] Bran Fendigaid “the Blessed” ap Llyr Lleddiarth,
King of the Silures, Fisher-King = 074d Enygeus (Anna) of Arimathea (JA-1)
075 Elis = 077-2 Alain “Li Gros” (“Grail”) (-C2-1-4th to J1/sAnna)
078-076 (078 JM-1 “Grail” Paternal, 076 JA-3 Maternal)
078-076 Josue/Joshua II
079-077 Alphanye
080-078 Aminadab = 068d[004] Eurgen (dau of Lleiffer Mawr) (Z-1,JA-2)
081-079 Catheloys/Carcelois (founded the religious-order of the Castellors, later suppressed by the Catholic Church)

082-080 Emanuel/Manael
083-081 Titurel (founded military-order of the Grail-Knights) = (M)[001] Morgan/Morrigan c220
084-082 Enfertez/Amfortaz/Boaz = (M)074 Egre c310? …
085-083 Frimutel
086-084 Mazadan
087-085 Laziliez
088-086 Zamphir/Zamfir/Zambor/Zamvirz

089-087 Addanz
090-088 Gandin/Gaudin = — Schoette
091-089 Gahmuret **

089-087 Lambor
090-088d Yglais/Eglise = 082-2[003] Anblaud,”the Great”, King of Britain
091-089d/083d[003] Ygerne/Eigyr = 081[003] Eutherius/Uthyr Pendragon, King of Britain
092-090/082[003] Arthwyr Pendragon (Artur I “Grail” Pendragon) (b. 480AD d. c537AD) (JM-3/JA-5)

-90–88 Pellam/Pellehen, Grail-King (bro of Yglais)
([LG] has Pellam as son of [001] 083 Lambord, bro of 084 Taliesin)
-91–89 Pelles “Lord of Corbenic Castle”, Grail Fisher-King
-92–90 Amfortas II, Fisher King = — Orgeluse
-93–91d Elayne (who pined and died for the love of Lancelot)
-92–90d Herzeloyde = 091-089 ** Gahmuret (m3.)

-93–91/-92–90(??) Sir Parzival/Perceval/Parsifal/Percy, Knight
—(??) … Lohengrin/Lohengrin Garin/Warin of Lorraine [1066] = — Biautris
(Helyas “the Swan King” epic-hero 1st Crusade, last Grail King who returned the Holy Grail to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in 1099, whose son out-of-wedlock, and raised by his mother was Geoffrey of Bouillon, leader of the First Crusade, Protector of the Holy Sepulchre, King of Jerusalem, whose mother Ida of Louvain, widow of the Duke of Bouillon, married (m3.) Eustace II (de Vere), Count of Boulogne (?? suggested in some sources)).

-92–90d Elaischoye/Elayne = -86[001] Sir Lancelot du Lac
(Elaine/Amite/Helaine/Helizabel, Grail-Bearer/Grail-Maiden; source: Prose Lancelot (Vulgate Cycle))
([LG] concurs with Elaine as dau of Pelles)
-93–91/-87[001] Sir Galahad, Knight


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