MM Addendum 2-17

Lineage: [003]

064[000]* Jose beni Yoseph (Jo-1)
075 Marchudd …

076 Gwrthryw, 1st King of Garthmadrun c.AD383
077 Gwraldeg/Gwroldeg (last of the male line)
078 Morfudd/Morvitha, heiress = — Teitfall of Glamorgan, Prince
079 Teuduric, King of Garthmadrun
080 Marchell = — Anllach of Galloway, Prince
081 St. Brychan, 1st King of Brecon (Garthmadrun) AD498

076 Oidesse/Odissus
077 Photaighe/Poititus/Potitus/Potaide of Banavan, Britain (southern Scotland), presbyter
078 Calpurnius/Calpinn of Bonnaven, Britain, local deacon = — (?) of Wales (dau of Poitus of Wales)
079 St. Patrick/Padraig (of the Celtic-Nazarene Church), Apostle of Ireland

077[000]* Conan Meriadoc of Britain, King Brittany (J1-1,JA-3) = 076d m2. Darerea (Jo-1)
(possibly named after -72[Y][000] Conanus “the Martyr” (exec. AD250), whose g-sons were Salomon and Urban)

078 Gradlon Mawr ap Cynan Meriadoc, King of Brittany = — Tigtidia of Ireland
079 Guitol ap Gradlon of Brittany, 1st Prince of Dumnonee
080 Deroch I ap Guitol of Dumnonee
081 Riotham/Riomathus “Greatest-King” ap Deroch of Dumnonee
082 Riwal Deroc ap Riotham of Dumnonee
082d Alma Pompea verch Riatham of Dumnonee

078 Erbin ap Cynan Meriadoc of Britain, King of Brittany
079 Salomon I (ap Gradlon?) of Brittany, High King Brittany = — (?) filia Patricius Flavius (of Rome)
(ref: LG Chart: Rulers of Wales and Brittany)
080 Aldrien ap Selyfan of Brittany, King of Brittany = — (?) of Ireland (sis St. Garmon, Bishop of Man)
081 Budic I ab Aldrien, King of Brittany
081 Erich ab Aldrien, King of Brittany
082 Emyr Llydaw Budic II map Erich of Brittany
080 Constantine ap Solomon of Britain, King of the Britons = — Ivoire ferch Llancelog (?)

076-3 Dynod ap Caradoc o Dumnonia, Brenin Dumnonia
077-2(J1-JA) Conan Meriadoc of Britain, King of Brittany = 077-2(-3) m1. St. Ursula verch Dynod o Dumnonia
078-2/080-4[007] Cadfan ap Cynan Meriadog o Dumnonia
079-2 Gwrfawr ap Cadfan o Dumnonia, King of Dumnonia
080-2 Tudwal ap Gwrfawr of Dumnonia
080-2 Frwdwr ap Gwrfawr of Dumnonia
081-2 Cynwal ap Frwdwr of Dumnonia
082-2 Amlawdd Wledig ap Cynwal of Britain = 090-088d[002] Eglise, dau of Lambor (JM-1,JA-3)

081 Aurelius Ambrosius = — Niniane (?)
081 (ANCESTRY: “de Bohun”)
081 Uthyr Pendragon, King of Britons = 083d(-2) Ygerna verch Amlawdd o Dumnonia (JM-2,JA-4)
—() Eutherius (Uthyr) Pendragon, King of Britain c.467AD (b. 410AD d. 495AD)
—() = Ygerne (Eigyr) dau of Yglais (Eglise), 4th wife of British King Anblaud “The Great” (the Welsh Amlawd “Wledic”)
082 (J1-1,JA-3/JM-3,JA-5,Jo-2)
082 Arthwyr Pendragon (Artur I “Grail”) (b. 480AD d. c537AD) = — Gwenhwyfar ferch Lleudd Eugfran (?)
082 (ANCESTRY: Clan Campbell)
082 (ANCESTRY(??): “Beauchamp” Earl’s of Warwick)


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