MM Addendum 2-18

Lineage: [004]

024[000] Judah-Zerah
— Darda/Dardanus (founder Kingdom of TROY)
— AEneas/(Trojan origin of Rome)
— Brutus (c. BC1100)

(-r in descending order)
060 Beli the Great (BC100)
061 Cassivelaunus/(Casswallan)
061 Lud
062 Tenuantius (bro of Llyr)
063 Cymbeline (AD15-40)
064 Guiderius, King
062(??) Llyr/Lear (AD10) (bro of Tenuantius)
063[DH]** Beli(Heli) Mawr, Archdruid = 064[000][007] Anne, sis of Yahoshua the Christ (sAnne)
063 Bran the Blessed (first Royal convert) King of Silures (descendants of Shaul, son of Simeon (source: Yair Davidy)), resigned crown AD36, became Arch-Druid College of Siluria = 074[000] Enygeus (Anna) of Arimathea (JA-1)
064 Caradoc/Caractacus(L) (AD40-80) PENDRAGON vs. Roman Invasion
065d Eurgain (Xn) (right of Salisbury), founder Cor-Eurgain = — Salog (Roman Patrician), Lord of Salisbury
065 Linus, 1st Nazarene Bishop of Rome (Ordained by the Apostle Paul (Paul half-bro to Rufus Pudens))
065 Cynon
065d Gladys/Claudia (adopted by household Emperor Claudius)(Xn(JA)) = — Aulus Rufus Pudens Pudentinus (Roman Senator)(Xn)
066-2 St. Timotheus, St. Novatus, St. Praxedes, St. Pudentians (Xn martyrs)
065 Cyllinus/Cyllin
066/061-3[000] (Prince Coel) Coel I [Anderson,PiB] (AD120) ([LG,Wurts] of Camulod/Colchester, son of Marius(065-2 below))
067d/062-2d Athildus/Athildis (b c90?) = 062-2[000] Marcomir IV, (b c90, d 149) (ancestors of Argotta (=Pharamond (MEROVINGIAN) (either (Z-1,JA-3) or (Z-1,R-2))
067 Lucius/Lleiver Mawr, est. British-Celtic Christianity = 067[000] Gwladys (dau of Eurgain(*) below) (Jo-1/Z-2,R-3)
068d Eurgen Llywarch c140, m. c180 = 080-078[002] Aminadab (JM-1,JA-3)
068d Gladys = — Cadvan, Prince of Cambria
069d-2 Strada the Fair = (-C) — Coel (II), King of Colchester (AD232) (Z-sAnne)**
070d-3 [DH] Aeoifa = 079-2[007] Fiachach Sraiptine, 120th Ard-ri h’Eireann
070d-3 [DH] Oriuna = — Carausius, British Emperor
070d-3 Helen (AD248-328) = — Constantius (afterwards Roman Emperor) (AD242-306)
071-4 (sAnne,Z-4,JA-5/Jo-5,Z-6,R-7)/(R-1(?))
071-4 Constantine “the Great” (AD265-336) Desposynic-British ROMAN EMPEROR, est. (secular) Roman Christianity (regarded himself as Christ’s Representative on Earth and Head of the Church; regarded by some as the 30th Apostle)
072-4 Constantine II
072-4 Constans
072-4 Constantius II (ancestor of the Byzantine Dynasty)
072d-4 Helen

Trojan Origins (Judah-Zerah) (John 19:11 “power given” to Pilate (Rome) from above (Gen 49 Judah Sceptre inclusion))

“Cassibelaun, king of the Britains, to Caius Julius Caesar. we cannot but wonder, Caesar, at the avarice of the Roman people, since their insatiable thirst after money cannot let us alone whom the dangers of the ocean have placed in a manner out of the world; but they must have the presumption to covet our substance, which we have hitherto enjoy’d in quiet. Neither is this indeed sufficient: we must also prefer subjection and slavery to them, before the enjoyment of our native liberty.

Your demand therefore, Caesar, is scandalous, since the SAME VEIN OF NOBILITY, FLOWS FROM AENEAS, IN BRITONS AND ROMANS, and ONE AND THE SAME CHAIN OF CONSANGUINITY SHINES IN BOTH: which ought to be a band of firm union and friendship. That was what you should have demanded of us, and not slavery: we have learned to admit of the one, but never to bear the other. And so much have we been accustomed to liberty, that we are perfectly ignorant what it is to submit to slavery. And if even the gods themselves should attempt to deprive us of our liberty, we would to the utmost of our power resist them in defense of it. Know then, Caesar, that we are ready to fight for that and our kingdom if, as you threaten, you shall attempt to invade Britain.” (source: The Trojan Origins of European Royalty (just above))

059-6 Atius Balbus, Roman Senator = 059-6 Julia (sis of Julius Caesar)
060-5 Augustus Caesar (Octavian), R Emp BC63-AD18 = 060-5(-6) Atia
061-4 Marcus Antonius (Mark Anthony) = 061-4(-5) Octavia
062-3 Nero Claudius Drusus = 062-3(-4) Antonia Minor
063-3 Claudius Caesar, Roman Emperor AD41-54 = 063-3 Valeria Messalina

064-2 Arviragus, King of Siluria (AD40-90) = 064-2(-3) Genuissa (Venus Julia) (R-1)
064-3 Prasutagus, King of the Iceni (d AD60/61) = 064-3 Boadicea/Boudicca, Queen of the Iceni, Britons
065-2 Meric/Marius (AD90-120) = 065-2(-3) Julia of the Iceni (source: [A])
066[000] Siarclus (Siarklotus) (Jo Desposyni) = 066(-2) Eurgain(*) (Princess) (Z-1,R-2) (JA dau of m1.?))


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