MM Addendum 2-21

119-4 George II, King of Great Britain and Ireland = — Caroline of Ansbach
120-4d Mary Hanover = — Landgrave Frederick II Hesse-Cassel
121-5 Elector William IX, Hesse-Hanau, (Hesse-Cassel Landgrave in 1785) [SAGE]

Prince William of Hesse-Hanau was the son of Landgrave Frederick of Hesse-Cassel, of the royal family of Hesse. Prince William was a Freemason, and his younger brother Karl, was according to JEWS AND FREEMASONS IN EUROPE, 1723-1939, “accepted as the head of all German Freemasons.” Members of the Hesse dynasty have been described as the leaders of the Strict Observance (in 1782 a Masonic Congress in Wilhelmsbad, a city in the Hesse province, dropped the name “Strict Observance” and changed it to “Beneficent Knights of the Holy City”). The Hesse dynasty is connected to the “Jesuit” Illuminati (Bavarian Illuminati founded 01 May 1776). Prince William was the grandson of King George II of England. The Hesse-Cassel’s were one of the richest royal houses in Europe. Their income came mainly from the loaning-out of Hessian soldiers to foreign countries (incl., the American Revolution fighting for the British; the SAGE ensured victory over the British by manipulated use of their mercenary forces ostensibly employed (at huge profit) as their comrades-in-arms).

In 1769 Meyer Amschel Rothschild became “Crown Agent to the Prince of Hesse-Hanau”; c.1785 Carl Buderus, Chief Financial Advisor to the Prince also became an Agent for Rothschild to funnel the Prince’s business through him (not “on the sly” as the majority of histories claim; Rothschild’s appointed Primary SAGE Monetary Operons: Red (“Blood”) Shield masking the SAGE who owned and controlled the wealth; the money now the “Scarlet Thread” (soaked in blood) – the Princes’ usurp and draw blood (1776-1789 War of Independence; American colonies taken – the United Merchant-States of America). The development (and wealth-extracton) of the United Merchant-States continues with intermittant conflicts between vested-interest(s) and between those same interests and the perceived “America” of the “common” masses – their expectations. The “financial” era of 1907-14 established complete SAGE control over America – the “common” and “independent” wealth. In 1929-34 they enforced their control over the remaining hold-out “independents” (“State franchise” consolidation was completed in 1934 when the SAGE-Government decreed that private citizens could no longer hold or store Gold bullion or coin – forced FRN exchange (manipulated markets and enforced financial erasure)).

120-4 Frederick Louis Hanover, Prince of Wales = — Augusta of Saxe-Gotha
121-4 George III, King of Great Britain and Ireland = — (Sophia) Charlotte Albertin
122-4 George IV, King of Great Britain and Ireland
122-4 William IV, King of Great Britain and Ireland
122-4 Edward Augustus Hanover, Duke of Kent = — Victoria Mary Louisa Hanover
123-4d Victoria, Queen of Great Britain and Ireland = -C(124-5) Prince Albert Augustus Charles Wettin

— House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha
124-5 Edward VII Wettin, King of Great Britain and Ireland = — Princess Alexandra of Denmark (“Alix”)

122-4 Duke Adolphus Hanover of Cambridge = — Princess Augusta of Hesse-Cassel
123-5d Mary Adelaide = — Francis, Duke of Teck

— House of Windsor
(*99th in succession from David) (QEII -5(Secondary)/4r Pharamond)
125-5 George V Windsor*, King of Great Britain and Ireland = — Queen Mary of Teck
126-5 Edward VIII, Duke of Windsor, King (1936)
126-5 George VI Windsor, King of Great Britain and Ireland
127-5d Elizabeth II Windsor, Queen of Great Britain and Ireland = — Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark [SAGE PRINCE]
128-6 (J1-6,JA-8/Z-7,JA-9) (Meroving-9) (NEAR-r)
128-6 Crown Prince Charles Mountbatten-Windsor
128-6 Prince Andrew Mountbatten-Windsor [SAGE ROYAL]


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