MM Addendum 2-10

049-2 Josiah ben Amon ha-David, 16th King of Judah (2 Kings 23) = 049-2(-3) m2. Hamutal bat Jeremiah mi-Libnah
-50-2 Shallum/Jehoiahaz ben Josiah, 17th King of Judah
-51-2d Tea
-51-2 Mattaniah/Zedekiah ha-David, King of Judah
-52-2d Tea/Tamar Tephi (PHAREZ HEIRESS) = — Heremon (Zerah, ref: above), King of Ireland
049-2(con’t) = — m1. Zebudah/Zebidah bat Pedaiah of Rumah
050-2(DD) Johanan, Solomonic Crown-Prince (father of 051d Tamar, below)
(source: DD)

-50(DD) Eliakim/Jehoiakim, 18th King Judah (exiled) = — Nehushta (dau of Elnathan of Jerusalem)
-51 Jeconiah/Jehoiakin, King Judah, 1st Exilarch = 051d(con’t) Tamar (m2.) (-C-1st)
(source: peerage (Shealtiel as son of Jeconiah); Matt 1:6-12)
(JeConiah and his posterity disinherited as Davidic heirs, Jer 22:30; Jehoiakim’s seed barred from the throne, Jer 36:30)

(ancestry continues, above)
-53 Neri(ah), Davidic-Nathanite Prince (Luke 3:27-31) = 051d(-2) Tamar (dau of Johanan, Solomonic heiress (DD))
(source: DD/Gospel Luke)

052 Shealtiel (1 Chron 3:17), 2nd Exilarch (“step-son” of Jeconiah; son of Neriah and Tamar (DD); Royal Davidic Heir) (ancestry lines of Mary(Nathan) Luke 3:27, and Joseph(Solomon) Matt 1:12 here merge as a combined legal Davidic and Messianic descent excluding the line from Jeconiah; much confusion exists on this point with many arguements)
053 Zerubbabel ha-David, 3rd Exilarch Babylon, Governor Judah GM72-2 m1. Amytis, Babylonian Princess (foreign(DD))
(?) Abner/Av’ner (in the original Hebrew Matthew 1:13)
054 Abiud (first descendant mentioned in Matthew; some sources (incl. DD) insert up to nine(9) other descendants here)
055 Eliakim
056 Azor
057 Sadoc/(Zadok(DD))
058 Achim
059 Eliud
060 Eleazar ha-David (Matt 1:15) (Ezar/Lazar(DD))
(main source: peerage; 2nd source DD/Matt 1:12-16 (Yoseph descent))

061 Matthan ben Eleazar ha-David
-62 Hizkiah(Hezekiah/Ezekias) “the Zealot”, Davidic claimant and rebel-leader (exec. BC4)
-63 Judas “the Zealot” of Galilee (exec. BC4)
-64 Jacob (exec. AD47)
-64 Simon (exec. AD47)
-65 Eleazar, Jewish Captain (d AD67)
-66 Andrew Lukuas (exec. AD115)

-65 Hyrcanus
-66 Eleazar “Ha-Gadol” = — Imme Shalom (dau Palestinian Patriarch Simeon II)
-67 Simon
-68 Gamaliel
-69 Hilai
-70 Malchion
-71 son(?)
-72 Conanus “the Martyr” (exec. AD250)
-73 son(?)
-74 Salomus/Shallum/Salomon
-75 Urban(us), one of the eight Desposynic Princes, AD318
-76 Mansuetus
-77 Symetrius
-78 Martialis (d AD419), ancestor of the Counts of Salm


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