MM Addendum 2-11

-65 Kosevah/Cocheba
-66 Simon Bar-Kochba (Barchochebas “Son of the Star”), “Nassi”, anti-King AD132-135
-64 Menahem, scholar/anti-King AD66-67 (restored the Davidic Dynasty upon the departure of Herod Agrippa II in AD66)
-64 Jair/Jarius
-65 Menahem
-65 Eleazar ben Yair “the Zealot”, resistance-leader at Masada AD67/70-73
-65 Simon (d AD68/69)
-64 Levi
-65 John “of Giscala”, Jewish General AD66-70 (exec. AD73)
-65 Simon (d AD68/69)
-65 Jude
-64 Saphath
-65 Joshua/Jesus, Jewish General (exec. AD68)
-64 Sosas
-65 Jacob (d AD68/69)
-63 Menahem
-63 Jacob
-64 Hur
-65 Judah ben Hur (“Ben-Hur”)
-66 son(?) (taken captive to Italy), ancestor of Amittai, Prince of Oria (c AD850)
-64 Eleazar
-64 Uri

-62 Judas “of Gamala” (“the Galilean”)(Acts 5:37), Davidic claimant, Sicarii/Zealot, early rebel-leader (exec. AD6) (author-teacher of the fourth branch of Jewish philosophy: the Zealots) (“ibn Udad”/bar (J)udas (??), ref: below)
-63 Abbas
-64 Barabbas (spared exec. Passover AD31, Davidic claimant (mur AD66))
-63 Joseph “of Gamala”, Davidic claimant (d AD66)
-64 Jesus Bar-Joseph (“of Gamala” not Nazareth) (d AD68/69)
[= — Maria Magdalene (DD source vs. LG, HBHG authors)) (ref: DD for alternative descent, incl. Merovingian origins)]
-63 Tholomi/Ptolemy (Ptolomy, Gill comm. Matt 10:3) (d AD44/46)
-64 Nathanael (of Cana) Bar-Tholomi/Tholmi/Talmai (the Apostle Bartholomew) (d AD68) (Gill comm. Acts 1:23, JFB/Barnes comm. Mat 10:3; Mar 3:18, Luk 6:14, Joh 1:45, Joh 21:2 (of Cana in Galilee))
-63 Kathla
-64 Simon (d AD68/69) (the Apostle Simon Zelotes, -C-1st to Bartholomew)
-65 (5 sons)(?)
(all five sons were taken captive to Italy by Titus after the fall of Jerusalem; they became the ancestors of five Noble Italian families: 1. de Pomis 2. Adolescentoli 3. Anaw (Degli Mansi) 4. Degli Piatelli 5. de Rossi)
-63 Adnan (ref: below)
(may very likely be identified with the contemporary Arabic prince who had the same [Jewish] name. If so, medieval Arabic clerics attached an Ishmaelite ancestry to the Jewish Prince Adnan, whose descendants rose to rule over Arabia, etc. He was the father of (-64) Maath (Maadd) [a Jewish name], the father of (-65) Nazer [a Jewish name], the father of (-66) Mider [a Jewish name], the father of (-67) Elyas (Elias) [a Jewish name], the father of (-68) Amir [an Arabic name], the father of (-69) Khoza, the father of (-70) Kinan, the father of (-71) Kais, the father of (-72) Malik, the father of (-73) Fihr Koreish, ancestor of the Quraishi Family and (-84) Mohammed “The Prophet of Islam”) (source: DH(DD))


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