MM Addendum 2-12

062 Yakov(Jacob) “Nassi”, Prince of Judah = (— m1. Eucharia(??), a Jewish Princess (MM below)) (and/or Patriarch of Jerusalem BC32-23, removed/exec. by King Herod of Judah as a rival claimant to the throne)
-63d half-A Miriam = — Theudas, Nazarene Elder (killed AD44/46), son of
(Zorobabel(m3.)-Meshullam(4th Exilarch)/Hananiah(5th Exilarch)-Pelatiah-Athronges, 2nd-L Davidic Heir/anti-King BC4-AD6))
(Zorobabel(m3.)-Meshullam(4th Exilarch)/Hananiah(5th Exilarch)-Yeshaiah(8th Exilarch), Junior-2nd LINE – JEWISH EXILARCHS)
-64 James, Nazarene Bishop
-65 Evodius/Enodius, Nazarene Bishop of Antioch (d AD68)
— Ignatius/Theophoros, Bishop (Apostate) of Antioch AD98, after Enodius (martyred Rome AD107)
-66 Heros I, Nazarene Bishop of Antioch (d AD127)
-67 Cornelius, Nazarene Bishop of Antioch (d AD151)
-68 Heros II, Nazarene Bishop of Antioch (d AD169)
-64 Matthias, Nazarene Bishop
-66 Artemias …
-74 Matthias, one of the eight Desposynic Princes, AD318 …
-64 Thebouthis, Nazarene Bishop
-65 Joshua/Jesus (d AD69)
-64 Andronicus, Nazarene Bishop
-65 Barnabas, Apostle (ordained his bro Aristobulus/Arwystli(Br.) Bishop) (PiB)
-65 Aristobulus(Judah)[70], 1st Nazarene Bishop of Britain AD58-98; father-in-law of the Apostle Peter (PiB)
-74 Adelphius, Nazarene Bishop of Britain …
-66d (?) = half-C-1st Simon bar Jona (St. Peter (just above))
-67d dau and son
-64 Addai, Nazarene Bishop
-65 son (?)
-66 Soter
-67 Joshua/Jesus of Lydda
-64d (3 dau’s) Lydia, Assia (wife of a Roman Noble), Lysia

(Judah-Zerah (Z); Trojan Origins)
— 061 Julius Caesar, Roman Imperator (49-44BC, d. 44BC) = 061 Cleopatra VII, Queen of Egypt (m3.)(d. 30BC) (Hosea 11:1b “… out of Egypt have I [God] called my son.”) (Jesus’ paternal-maternal g-grandparents (pmGF/GM2-1))

(issue of CLEOPATRA by 3rd husband, JULIUS CAESAR: 1. CAESARION [PTOLEMY XV], mur 30BC; 2. Cleopatra “of Jerusalem” [Julius Caesar’s posthumous dau], given in marriage 30BC (14/15yrs) by OCTAVIUS CAESAR to “an obscure eastern prince”, identified with =1(30BC) Yakov “Nasi”, the Patriarch of Jerusalem; =2(23BC) Simon III, High-Priest, also his 2nd; =3(19BC) Herod, King of Judea, his 5th wife) [note: she was JESUS’ grandmother via her 1st husband, the Jewish “Nasi”; (ref: Moses, above, Hyksos (post-Joseph descendants), 33rd Egyptian Dynasty; and below, The Holy Family (sources: DH))

(NOTE: Jesus the Christ – not only Davidic-Messianic Heir but also Pharaonic and Caesaric: KING, PHARAOH, CAESAR; Christ was not only crucified as a Messianic claimant by Jewish establishment demand but also as a rival Caesaric claimant by the Roman establishment, and his Desposynic relations were in turn later targeted for extermination by various incumbent Emperors; the Christians were considered and targeted as a political-faction for supporting the rival Caesar-Christ (and His Divine claim) during numerous oppressions; 300 years later Constantine would claim his Caesaric and Desposynic (JA-Jo) Heritage as Roman Emperor and as Founder-Apostle of the Roman Catholic Church, enforcing the claimed pre-eminent authority of both as MESSIANIC CHURCH and STATE)

062(con’t) = 062 m2. Cleopatra “of Jerusalem” (m1.)(foreign wife)
-63 Ptolas(twin) = -74 (just above) Escha
-63 Clopas(twin) = -74 (just above) Maria
062(con’t) Cleopatra m2. = — Simon IV(??) (ben Boethus), High Priest BC23-19
half-U(??) Judas Iscariot/(the Sicarii, son of Simon) (half-U to Yahoshua, younger half-bro to Yoseph)
062(con’t) Cleopatra m3. = — Herod “the Great”, King of Judea BC37-4 (m5.)
half-U Philip, Tetrarch (Golan) (d AD34 without a son) (half-bro to Herod Antipas, Tetrarch (Galilee); half-U to Yahoshua)
[Yoseph Lineage]

063-2 Syrus/Syro the “Jarius”, hereditary Chief Priest of Capernaum (Jesus’ own city (Matt 4:13/9:1, 9:15/John 2:12 Bridegroom)), descendant of Jair (Num 32:41/2Sam 20:25-26) = (063) Eucharia, a Jewish Princess (Hasmonaean)(m2.(??)) (LG source (Maar; de Voragine)) (Maccabean family of Esther, Mariam’s pmGM) (John Hyrcanus I descent, Prince-Priest (NV))
-64-2 Lazarus/Elazar
-64-2d Martha (of Bethany)

063 Yoseph, Royal Davidic Heir = 074 Mariam (Royal Judah/Levi/Maccabean Ancestry)
064/075 Yahoshua (claimant Levi/Judah Priest/Royal Messiah: Jesus the Christ) d31AD PASSOVER = 064(-2) Maria Magdalene (m1.) (Hasmonaean -C to Mariam)
065d Tamar/Damaris/Sarah b AD31 = — (??) (HG Matrilinear) (MM Apostle-Prophetess)


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