MM Addendum 2-13

064 Yakob(os)/James “the Just”, 1st Nazarene n’tzarim (Jerusalem), NT Author (Book of James) (J1 SENIOR DAVIDIC HEIR 31AD)
065 Yudas/Jude, 3rd Nazarene n’tzarim (descent continues: Merovingian Kings) (DAVIDIC HEIR 62/63AD)

065-2 Havingeus (whose mother Alma, was a grand-dau of Yoseph of Arimathea) (JA-2)
066 Elzasus, Royal Davidic heir, Roman hostage AD135 (Bar Kocba rebellion; d. AD138) = 066 Ariobia
067 Naasson (Nahshon/Nascien I), Prefect of Narbonensis c.138 in Roman service (J1,JA-3) (the mass deportation of Jews by the Romans in AD70/135 were settled in Provence, Gaul, then called Narbonensis)
068 Cyleddon (Celidoine/Celadion), Bishop of Alexandria(?), c.150
069 Narpus (Warpus) c.175/200)
070 Nascien II, Prefect of Provinciae (Narbonensis) c.200/225, in Roman service
071 Gallienus Quiriacus c.250
072 Helyas (Elias) c.275
073 Ysayes (Isaac) c.300
074 Ionans (Johanan) (Jonaanz) c.325 (GF2-1 to Conan Meriadoc, King of Amorica)
075 Fridolinus
076 Frotmund = 076 Hatilde, Princess of the Franks

061-3/066[004] Coel I
062-2 Marcomir IV, King of the Franks (Sicambrian/Zerah) = 062-2 (m. 129AD) Athildus of Brittany (JA-2)
075-2 Dagobert des Francs, First Duke of the Franks (Roman Empire) …
076-2 Genebaud II des Francs Ripuaires, duc des Francs
077 Pharamond (“Voice of the Family”), rex Francorum (J1-1,JA-3) = 077 Argotta des Francs Ripuaires (Sicambri/Z,JA-3,R(?))
(descendancy continues, below [001])

074(above) Ionans c.325 (3rd son Fridolinus grandfather of Pharamond – Ionas GF2-1) …
075 Gerentonus (b. c.350), Prefect of Viennensis (Provinciae) (U2-1 to Pharamond)
076 Agripanius “of the Master’s kin” c. 350/375 = 076 Thametes (sis Eudaf I “Hen the Old” King Britain)
077 Conan “Meriadoc” 1st King of Armorica (J1,JA-3 Desposnyi)
(-C2-1-2nd/3d2C to Pharamond/J1 descent) = 077/076d(below) (m2.) Darerea (Jo-1 Desposyni) (descendancy continues, below)

-65 John
-66 Benjamin, 6th Nazarene n’tzarim
-67 John, 7th Nazarene n’tzarim
-67 Levi, 12th Nazarene n’tzarim
-67 Jude Kuriakos/Kyriakos, 15th Nazarene n’tzarim AD132-135 (Bar-Kochba rebellion); Nazarene post-revolt exile
-68 Pius, Nazarene Elder (not the 10th (Gnostic) Bishop of Rome as suggested in DD)
-69 Maximianus (d AD190)
-70 Aslipiades (d AD218)
-71 Theotecnus (d AD230)
-72 Paul (d AD270)
-73 Zabdas (d AD300)
-74 Hermes/Hermon (d AD304), last Nazarene n’tzarim of Jerusalem (restored AD73 Mt. Zion; AD135 Gentile-Xn Bishop)

-65 Jose “Mar/Mari”
-66 James
-67 Abrisios, Nazarene Bishop of Seleucia, Syria
-68 Abraham
-69 James
-73 Gaggai …
-74 Papa, Nazarene Bishop (one of the eight Desposynic Princes, AD318 (??)) (d AD329)


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