MM Addendum 2-3

Lineage: [000]

The Fallen, the former Agents of Creation (DEVOLUTION PROGENITOR/First Estate) (the Shining Ones (hued shimmering appearance)); The Anunnaki Custodians (An-unna-ki "Heaven came to Earth") (Psm 82 "Court of the Elohim"); The Angelic Host, Martian "Cydonian" civilization (pre-rebellion Terran/Terrene Atlantian Ancients); Jer 4:23-26 (Mosaic insert) Gen 1 "… the fruitful place was a wilderness, all the cities thereof were broken down …"

—(Twyman) Anu (first God-King of Earth according to Sumerian legend)/ (Anu/Adamu(Adam))
000 Enlil/Ilu-kur-gal("Lofty One of the Mountain")/the Storm God/Jehovah/Osiris/ ((Twyman) Enlil(Abel); Enki(Cain))
000 Enki/Samael/Lord of the Earth/Set/Adon the Lord/Quinotaur … 000 Nin-khursag (sis), "Lady of Life" (surrogate mother to Atabba and Eve, created from Human/Eljo (NV) ova fertilized by Enki (INTERVENTION PROGENITOR))

(GENESIS PROGENITOR (pre-Genesis Re-Creation/Earth "became" without form and void, erased in Adversarial Rebellion))
001 Adam/Atabba (THE GOD FAMILY SPIRITUAL COVENANT offered to Adam-Eve "beni Elohim" (Blood: OO/Rh–))
001 Chavvah/Kava/Eve (deceived by the Adversary to disobey God; Adam not deceived, but disobeyed) (I will put enmity between thee (Satan) and the woman, and between thy seed (H2233) and her seed (H2233 zera: posterity); it shall bruise thy head (SAGE intent), and thou shalt bruise his heel (track; path) (Gen 3:15 physically/spiritually)) (Edenic Sanctuary closed; Adam-Eve depart into the World (Way of the Fallen) to mix with existent re-created Human Kind; all of Humankind threaded to Adam-Eve beni Elohim at the time of the Messiah (2nd Adam), who died for "all" of Mankind)

-02 Cain (1st son)/Kain, First King Messiah, son of Enki and Eve (Samael and Eve (Ginzberg))
(Cain 3/4 Anunnaki Bloodline), m. — Luluwa (half-sis), dau of Enki and Lilith (Anunnaki g-dau of Enlil) (NV)
(-03) Atun(Sumerian)/King Etana of Kish
(-04) King Baali (Sumerian Annals)
-03 Enoch/Henoch (Enoch/Anak ben Kain) (Anakim “descendants of Anak”, Nephilim/Watcher(??) descent: “the elect” progeny (-Boyd Rice))
-04 Irad/Yarad
-05 Mechuyael
-06 Methusael
-07(NV) Lamech = -05d Adah and -05d Zillah (below)

-02(NV) Abel (2nd son)/Hevel (1st son)

002(NV) Seth (3rd son)/Satanael (2nd son) = — Kalimath (dau of Lilith) (NV)
003 Enos/Enosh (a third-part of the earth destroyed by the river Gihon because of men's sins (Jasher 2:6))
004 Cainan (reigned over all the sons of men; he led the sons of men to wisdom and knowledge (Jasher 2:11))

-05 Enan (2nd son)
-05 Mered (3rd son)
-05d Adah = -07 Lamech
-06 Jabal
-05d Zillah = -07 Lamech (above)
-06 Tubal Cain/("the Vulcan"/Military Armaments, King of Ur(NV)) (SETH-KAIN LINEAGE) ((NV) descent to Ham and Japhet and 2nd Dynasty of Egypt)
-06d Naamah/Lilith Naamah (NV) (SETH-KAIN LINEAGE) = — Shamdon, a Watcher (Ginzberg)
-07 ASMODEUS, DEVIL GIANT (Ginzberg) (custodian of secrets, guardian of hidden treasures, and, according to ancient Judaic legend, builder of Solomon's Temple)

005 Mahalallel (1st son)
006 Jared (200 Holy Watchers/rebel Angels descend in the days of Jared to choose wives (1 Enoch 6:6 RHC ed.)) (a dynasty of "mighty men/giants" born (spirit-flesh), evil-spirits/** ADVERSARIAL SYSTEMIC ** ("secret things" taught)) (the rebel Watchers now sublunary (their transcendental qualities lost), mated with the daughters of Cain (Ginzberg)) (The Nephilim (not "those who were cast down" "the fallen" (-Z Sitchin, in error)), the GIANTS, the progeny of, but NOT the (un-)Holy Watchers themselves (-Michael S. Heiser/M. Jastrow) were on Earth in those days (Gen 6))


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