MM Addendum 2-4

007 Enoch/Henok/Hanokh (“Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him.” (Gen 5:22,24 NKJV)) (Enoch taught all sons of men the ways of God and reigned as King 243 yrs; peace was thoughout the earth (Jasher 3:1-12)) (Enoch chosen by God as a counter to the rebel Watchers/progeny – taught the “secret things” in a proper context)

-08 Elisha/Elishaa (2nd son)
-09d Ashmua (dau) = (-C) 009 Lamech (their son being Noah, below)
-08 Elimelech (3rd son)
-08d Melca
-08d Nahmah/Naamah = 010 Noah (married -A2-1)

008 Methuselah (1st son) (in the latter days of his reign men turned from the Lord and rebelled (Jasher 4:4))
-09 Eliakim (Jasher 6:35)
-10d (3 dau’s) = 011 (3 son’s of Noah (married -A2-1))
009 Lamech (Adam d. at 930yrs in the 243rd year of Enoch’s reign, Lamech in his 56th year (Jasher 3:17))
010 Menachem/Noah (“a just man, perfect in his generations. Noah walked with God.” (Gen 6:9 NKJV)) (the sons of men given 120 years to (re)turn to God); Uta-Napishtim (Twyman) (Sumerian legend) (pish “fish”) (“his posterity shall beget on the earth “giants”, not spiritual, but carnal” (1 Enoch addendum; spiritual countenance)) (“as in the days of Noah” – the end-time “Giants”, “Corporate begettal” (legal entities/beings/Beasts; 1907-2027AD)

-11 Ham (2nd son)(son of Tubal Cain (NV))
-11 Japheth (3rd son)(1st son, Jasher 5:17)(son of Tubal Cain (NV))
011(NV) Shem (1st son)(2nd son, Jasher 5:17)
012 Arphaxahad
013 Salah
014 Eber
-15 Joktan
015 Peleg
016 Reu
017 Serug
018 Nahor ben Serug/(Hyksos Shepherd King “Nehosy”) = — Ijaska bat Nestag, of the Chaldees
-19d (?) mother of Edna (??)
019 Tarakr/Terah ben Nahor/(Azar (Koran)), the Semite = — m1. (Edna bat Abram(??)); Yawnu (NV) ((Jasher 7:49-51) Terah, Prince of Nimrod’s Host = — Amthelo (dau of Cornebo)) (Ellis)(??) Hyksos Shepherd King “Aasahra(Throne name)”/(Azar-Thara)Aathara/Azarah
(con’t) = — m2. (?); Tohwait (Pharaoh dau) (NV)

-20 Haran ben Tarakr, the Semite (half-bro to Abraham)
-21 Lot
-21 Milcah
-21 Sarah = 020 half-U Abram/Abraham (half-bro NV))
-20 Nahor, the Aramean (bro of Abraham) = -21 Milcah bat Haran of Ur (half-niece)
-21 Huz, Buz, Kemuel (-C-1st Aram), Chesed, Hazo, Pidash, Jidlaph
-21 Bethuel ben Nahor, the Syrian of Padanaram (Gen 22:20, 24:24)
-22 Laban ben Bethuel, the Semite(Syrian)

020 Patriarch Abram/Abraham/Avraham ben Tarakr = — m1. Sarah/Sarai/Serai (half-niece) (Ellis)(??) Hyksos Shepherd King “Sheshi/Mamayebra(Throne name)”/Mayebre/Abraham

Abram, a Chaldean of Ur, a teacher of Astrology and the Chaldean Craft in Phoenicia and Egypt (Heliopolis), the teachings of “the Watchers”/”Ir” (Hebrew), the Sumerian-Chaldean sciences (in Enochian/Essene applicaton). Ur quite possibly the primordial city-state of the Watchers. Abram (descendant of the Giants -Eusebius), excelled all in nobility and wisdom (-pseudo Eupolemus). This man who excelled all in Chaldea was chosen and called by God to overcome and replace this very systemic with God’s Way of Righteousness. This man of genetic/intellectual Enochian/Essene/(Watcher-Chaldean(??)) descent would be the progenitor of the Family-Nation Israel who would be instructed and taught to conduct themselves “As God Is”, their teachers being led by the Spirit of God (their Spiritual descent), overcoming the usurpative adversarial systemic of the Agents of Creation – the “Fallen”, who ultimately had rejected through pride and selfishness their very Creator.

Claiming to be like the Most High in their accomplishments (the pinnacle being the development of the Human Being), and forgetting the Author of “their very being”, they ascribed to themselves a God-level existence and sought the very Throne of the Universe itself. Being defeated and cast back down to their “First-Estate”, these “Fallen” now claimed the Human Family for itself, seeking to thwart Human Kind’s destiny of becoming the Family of God(-Kind) for which it was designed – even to the point of the procreation of themselves instead through the Watchers lust (though not of the original Fallen Angels) (the Holy Watchers possibly coerced or deceived by the Fallen, Humankind being now physically restricted to them)), as related in Genesis 6 and the Book of Enoch, a resultant physical usurpation of the very “spiritual procreation” of God’s Family – THE GENOME AND FAITH OF THE FALLEN.


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