MM Addendum 2-5

020(con’t) = — Hagar, the Egyptian (handmaid)
-21 Ishmael (Muhammed(Islam) 1/2 descent line)

021 Patriarch Isaac/Yitshaq ben Abraham (m. at 40y) = -22 Rebekah bat Bethuel (-C-2nd)
022 Patriarch Jacob/Ya’aqov ben Isaac, the Semite = -23 m1. Leah bat Laban (-C-1st)
023 Judah ben Jacob, the Israelite = — Bedsu’el the Canaanite (dau of Shua)
-24 Er = — Tamar, the Semite (m1. 1835BC)
-24 Onan = — Tamar (m2. Gen 38:8)
023(con’t) = (-C-2nd, daughter-in-law) — Tamar (dau of Epher ben Midian)
024 Pharez (P)
025 Hezron/Esrom (1 Chron 2:5)
-26 Jerahmeel
026 Ram/Aram (1 Chron 2:9)
027 Amminadab (1 Chron 2:10)
-28 Elisheba (m. Aaron, below)
028 Nashon/Naasson (1 Chron 2:10), Prince-Leader of Judah
029 Salmon/Salma/Sala (1 Chron 2:11) = — Rachab (?)
030 Boaz/Booz (Ibzan, Judge of Bethlehem) = — Ruth, the Moabitess (m2.)
031 Obed, the Israelite (1 Chron 2:12)
032 Jesse ben Obed, the Ephrathite = — Abala of Israel (m2.)
033 David ben Jesse, King of Israel

(It is also interesting to note that while the genealogy of the Perez branch of Judah’s family is given in great detail for many generations in Scripture, the genealogical record of Zerah’s family is what you see below—that’s it except for a named son of Ethan (1 Chronicles 2:8) and the infamous Achan of Joshua’s day being listed along with his father and grandfather (verse 7; Joshua 7:17-18, 24). This lack of information perhaps suggests that most of Zerah’s descendants were no longer present with the main body of the nation. Perhaps they became upset with their secondary status behind Perez, believing it unfair because of the incident with the scarlet thread and Perez’s breach. Whatever the reason, they appear to have migrated elsewhere.) (source: Aegean Royal Lines From Zerah)

(Descendants of, not the immediate sons of Zara (-1st,-2nd,-3rd, etc., for illustrative purposes in this instance only)):
024 Zerah/Breogan (Z) (1 Chron 2:6, five sons: Zimri, Ethan, Heman, Calcol, Dara (1 Ki 4:31 Mahol))
-1st Dara/Darda (TROJANS; descendant King Edward I (Dara/Calcol, “Lia Fail” Zerah lines merged))
-1st Calcol(1 Ch 2:6)/Cecrops (builder of Athens, BC1556(??))
-2nd Gathelus/Gaedal(Gaels)/Miledh(Milesians) = — Scota (dau of Pharaoh Nectonibus of Egypt)
-3rd * Eber Finn/Hiber/Heber – assigned the two Munsters; joint King with Eremon (c. BC1699(??))
-3rd * Amerghin/Amergin/Hemecus(?), a Druid (both Eber and Amerghin slain by their brother Eremon)
-3rd Ir
-4th Eber/(Heber Finn??) – assigned the principality of Ulster
-3rd Colpa “the Swordsman”
-3rd Barthlome
-3rd * Eremon/Erimionn/Heremon/Eochaidh, first king of the Scots (Lia Fail at Tara); Leinster, Connaught
-3rd 2 more brothers (Gathelus had 8 sons; 5 died enroute to Ireland, 3 survived(*))
-1st Zimri/Zabdi
-1st Heman, the Ezrahite (PSALM 88 post-Davidic)
-1st Ethan/Ith, the Ezrahite (H250 of the family of Zerach) (PSALM 89 post-Davidic)
-2nd Lugaidh/Laghaldh – assigned the territory of Corca Luighe, in South Munster
-3rd Tea/Teah = — Eremon, King of the Scots(Scota) (ref: below)
(note: the “Four Masters” account is in variance(??) with the BI/COG understanding of Tea(Zedekiah’s dau) centuries later) (source: 1. Keating’s History, in slight variance with 2. the article Lia Fail (author Keyser); three variants of the Milesian Legend are extant in Irish manuscript, as explained in the file “The Milesian Legends”)


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