MM Addendum 2-6

022(con’t) = -23 (above) m2. Rachel bat Laban (-C-1st)
-23 Benjamin ben Jacob (b 1553BC d 1438BC)
023-2 Levi ben Jacob, the Israelite = — Melka (?)
024-2 Kohath ha-Levi (1 Chron 23:6)
025-2 Amram ha-Levi (1 Chron 23:12) = 024 Jochebed ha-Levi (Nephew=Aunt)
-26-2 Moses, Hebraic Prophet and Lawgiver, Leader of the Exodus from Egypt (19th Dynasty, Rameses II “the Great”)

-26-2 Moses = m1. — (Zagwe) = m2. Tarbis, Nubian (Maternal g-Aunt of Rameses II)
(19th Dynasty 03. SETI I [SETHOS] [MENMAATRE SETI] (father of Rameses II) = Thuya [A], dau of Reyja [son of Payai, a Lybian prince] & wife Thuya, dau of Bekra, # 12 [18th Dynasty] & wife Baktaten, dau of Amenhotep III, # 9 [18th-Dynasty] [note: Payai was the son of Payuti, King of Libya. The sister of Payai, namely, Iteye [Eti] “The Corpulent”, was the wife and queen of Piori II, King of Kush, the parents of Tarbis, who was Moses’ Nubian/Ethiopian wife] (Numbers Ch. 12)) (12th Dynasty 05. SENWOSRET III [SESOSTRIS] [KHAKAURE SENWOSRE] [note: his grand-vizier was JOSEPH of Bible fame; and, in a relief of Senwosret III it shows the arrival of a group of Semitic looking people presented to the Pharaoh; apparently, they were important enough to have their images portrayed by the Egyptians; this, is cited by some scholars as representing Israel’s entry into Egypt, when Joseph brought his whole family from Canaan-Palestine to Egypt, numbering about 70 people.]) reference file: Hyksos-Ephraimite 15th, Hyksos-Judahite 16th Egyptian Dynasties (post-Joseph) (source: DH)

-26-2d(M) Miriam, Hebraic Prophetess (Exodus 15)
026-2 Aaron ha-Levi, Hebraic High Priest = -28 Elisheba bat Amminadab (Cousin) (Exodus 6:23)
-27-2 Ithamar ben Aaron ha-Kohen, High Priest (— descendant, the Prophet Jeremiah, ref: below)
-27-2 Nadab ben Aaron ha-Kohen
-27-2 Abihu ben Aaron ha-Kohen
027-2 Eleazer ben Aaron ha-Kohen (3rd son), High Priest = — (?) dau of Putiel
028-2 Phinehas ben Eleazer ha-Kohen, High Priest (1 Chron 6:4) (Commanded the Army vs. the Midianites)
029-2 Abishua ben Pinehas ha-Kohen (1 Chron 6:4), High Priest
030-2 Bukki ben Abishua ha-Kohen (1 Chron 6:5), High Priest
031-2 Uzzi ben Bukki ha-Kohen (1 Chron 6:5), High Priest
032-2 Zerahiah ben Uzzi ha-Kohen (1 Chron 6:6)
033-2 Meraioth ben Zerahiah ha-Kohen (1 Chron 6:6)
034-2 Amariah ben Meraioth ha-Kohen (1 Chron 6:7)
035-2 Ahitub ben Amariah ha-Kohen (1 Chron 6:7)
036-2 Zadok “the Priest” ben Ahitub ha-Kohen, High Priest c.970BC (line of Eleazer and Phinehas (dignity restored)) (made High Priest by Saul; High Priest in the reign of David) (descent line of Zadok, the primary Priestly Heritage)
037-2 Ahimaaz ben Zadok ha-Kohen (1 Chron 6:8)
038-2 Azariah ben Ahimaaz ha-Kohen, High Priest (1 Chron 6:9) (succeeded his GF Zadok; consecrated the Temple)
039-2 Johanan ben Azariah ha-Kohen (1 Chron 6:9)
040-2 Azariah ben Johanan ha-Kohen (1 Chron 6:10), High Priest ((at Jerusalem) during the reign of Abijah and Asa)
041-2 Amariah ben Azariah ha-Kohen (1 Chron 6:11)
042-2 Ahitub ben Amariah ha-Kohen (1 Chron 6:11)
043-2 Zadok ben Ahitub ha-Kohen (1 Chron 6:12)
044-2 Shallum ben Zadok ha-Kohen (1 Chron 6:12), High Priest
045-2 Hilkiah ben Shallum ha-Kohen c.623BC, High Priest in the reign of Josiah (found the lost Books (2 Kings 22:8))
046-2 Azariah ben Hilkiah ha-Kohen (1 Chron 6:13), High Priest
047-2 Seraiah ben Azariah ha-Kohen (1 Chron 6:14) c.587BC
-48-2 Ezra, skilled Scribe: Law of Moses (Ezra 7:1-6); Priest
—– post-Captivity Ezraen Judaism (a minority of Judah return to Jerusalem; the majority decide to stay in Babylon)
048-2 Jehozadak ben Seraiah ha-Kohen (1 Chron 6:14), High Priest (taken captive to Babylon, 1 Chron 6:15)
049-2 Jeshua ben Jehozadak ha-Kohen, High Priest c.520BC (Ezra 10:18) (HP under Zerubbabel; Ezra 3:2 helped build Altar)
050-2 Joiakim ben Jeshua ha-Kohen, High Priest (Neh 12:10)
051-2 Eliashib ben Joiakim ha-Kohen, High Priest c.445BC (Neh 12:10)
052-2 Joiada ben Eliashib ha-Kohen, High Priest (Neh 12:10)
053-2 Jonathan ben Joiada ha-Kohen, High Priest (Neh 12:11)
054-2 Jaddua ben Johanan ha-Kohen, High Priest (Neh 12:11) (last High Priest mentioned in the OT)
055-2 Onias I ben Jaddua ha-Kohen, High Priest
056-2 Simon “the Just” ben Onias ha-Kohen, High Priest
057d (below)


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