MM Addendum 2-8

072 Matthat “Nassi” (Prince) (ben Levi of Arimathea) = (072) m1.(div) Esther of Jerusalem (Hasmonaean Princess) (Esther being Paul’s -A2-1 may explain the close working relationship with Yoseph in Britain and with Peter later in Rome; Paul was “family” by marriage only to Yoseph and Peter but Paul was directly related to Mariam/Yeshua/MM)
072(con’t) = 072 m2. Rachel of Arimathea (m2.) (dau of Eleazar(??))
073 Yoseph of Arimathea (half-bro to Heli, half-U1 to Mariam), Roman “Nobilis Decurion”, Member of the Sanhedhrin (JA)
-74(??) Joseph(es) (DD and others claim son of Yoseph; LG and others claim 2nd son of Yahoshua; posit 2nd son of (JM) (just below))
074d Enygeus (Anna) of Arimathea = 063[004] Bran “the Blessed”, Archdruid, Fisher King
(JA descendancy continues, Lineage: [002])
— (?) = 072(con’t) Rachel of Arimathea (m1.)
half-U Joshua
half-U (Jo)Nathan/Jonathan (older half-bro to JA, no direct relation to Mariam)
half-C-1st Simeon/Simon bar Jona, Apostle Peter (half-nephew to JA)
half-C-1st Andreas/Andrew, Apostle (brothers both former disciples of John the Baptist)
half-A JoAnna
(posit half-C-1st)

072(con’t) = — m3. Salome “the Proselyte”, Herodian Princess
half-U Gjor (executed AD45/46)
half-C-1st Simon Bar Gjora, “King of Judah” AD69-70 (defended Jerusalem, surrendered to the Romans, crucified in Rome)

072-2 Jeshua III (Joshua/Jesus ben Fabus/Phabi/Phiabi), 59th High Priest BC30-23, appointed by King Herod the Great (the House of Phiabi (from Alexandria) was one of the four Sadduccee families who answered the call by Herod to return to Jerusalem; some researchers claim these families were non-Zadokite, but this House was of Aaron)
-73-2d Elizabeth (of the daughters of Aaron) = — Zacharias, Levitical Priest (8th division Abijah)
-74-2 John “the Baptist” (ESSENE) (LAST Aaronic claimant High Priest; passed Aaronic HP to Christ (Melchizedek Order))
-73-2d JoAnna = — Joachim “Nasi/Nassi” (Davidic Prince)(ref: DD)
(Zerubbabel m3. Esthra(Jewish Princess)-Meshullam–Hattush “Nasi”–Enaid–(?) Bar-Panther, opposed Rome BC63, crucified) (Joachim “Nasi” a descendant of Enaid, the JUNIOR-LINE of MESHULLAM (MESHULLAM SENIOR-LINE EXILARCHS ended 4BC))
-74-2d(below) Escha = (below) Ptolas (bro of Yoseph, Clopas)
-75-2(??) Thomas “Didymus” (“twin”), Cousin-Apostle
-74-2d Salome = — Zebadiah/Zebedee(Gr) (House of Levi)
075-2 Yakob(James) Zebedee (=Mary Magdalene (m2.) posit) (JM) (Cousin-Apostle, martyred AD44 whereupon MM/entourage fled to Provence)
-76-2 Yeshua II Justus (Gais Gesu(?)) b. 37AD
-77-2 Galains/Alain ((??)LG source) (d without issue)
076-2 Yosephes (the “Rama-Theo”) (“Grail” lineage) b. 44AD (-C2-1-3rd to J1/sAnna)
077-2 Joshua (-C2-1-4th), first Grail-King, built Corbenic Castle in France (Picardy) to house the Holy Grail (HG)
077-2 Alain “Li Gros” (-C2-1-4th)
(JM “Grail” descendancy continues, Lineage: [002])
-75-2 Yohanan(John) Zebedee, Cousin-Apostle, NT Author (John, I/II/III John, Revelation), Mariam’s guardian from AD31
-74-2d Maria (DD source, most others claim sis of Mariam, dau of Heli/Anne, just below)

073 Joachim/Heli/Eli, Davidic Prince = 073(-2) Anne
-74d (below) Maria (Mary Jacob, MM/entourage) (John 19:25) = (just below) Cleopas/Clopas (Luk 24:18,Joh 19:25)
-75 Little Yakob(os) (James the Less) (Mark 15:40, *Mat 10:3, Apostle); (*Clarke/JFB comm. Cleopas/Alpheus)
-76 John
-76 Jude, a Nazarene Bishop in Greece
-77 Evarist, 5th Nazarene Bishop of Rome (d AD105)
-78 Hyginus, Nazarene Elder/9th (Gnostic?) Bishop of Rome (d AD140)
-75 Yosetos (Joses/Jose(ph)) “Barsabas” (“a son of the oath” (*Henry comm.)) (took the Roman (sur)name Justus) (*Acts 1:23, possibly Col 4:11 (Jesus Justus), fellow-worker with Paul (Henry comm.), candidate to replace Judas)
-76 Khozabah
-77 Simeon
-75 Symeon (Simon Bar-Cleophas), 2nd Nazarene n’tzarim (led COG to Pella AD66-73)(executed with his sons AD107)
-75 Jude “Thaddeus/Lebbaeus” (Mat 10:3 Apostle, Lebbaeus surnamed Thaddaeus), probable NT Author of Jude (*JFB comm. Judas bro of James – Luk 6:16, Acts 1:13, Joh 14:22)
-76 Papa/Pappos (c AD125) (?? early Christian writer “Papias of Hierapolis”, c AD125)
-85 John, one of the eight Desposynic Princes AD318 …
-75(?? source RCC/Ang) Matthew (Mat 9:9)/Levi(Mar 2:14 son of Alphaeus, Luk 5:27-28), publican, Apostle, NT Author
-75d (7 dau’s) Cyria, Salome, Johanna, Lillian, Susanna, Miriam, Dinah
[Mariam Lineage]


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