MM Addendum 2-2

The SAGE, the Self-Appointed Guardian Elite, Charlemagne Descendants
The Unholy Blood and The Unholy Grail
The Primevil (abrogation of Primeval responsibility, Our Ancient Future)
The Primaevus Lineage
[Mid-17th century Latin primaevus, primus “first” + aevum “age”]
The Apotheosis(-sys)

* DH(DD) David Hughes: Davidic Dynasty and additional research link
* Stirnet Genealogy link
* (peerage) Our Family History link
* Family Tree Jamie Allen and Ancient Genealogical Allegations link
* (NV)(Twyman) The Dragon’s Court link
* (LG) Laurence Gardner link
* (PiB) St. Paul in Britain, author RW Morgan (1860), fifth edition c.1930s
* Authors/Articles mentioned in text may be readily searched on the Internet
* Additional Search Terms:
Llyr Ancestry; Arviragus Ancestry; Brutus and the Covenant Land; Joseph of Arimathea and the Line of Nathan; The Lion and the Unicorn; Welf Ancestry; Welf/d’Este; Teutonic Knights; Orders of Chivalry; Wessex Descendants; Anjou Ancestry; Kingdom of Jerusalem; Wettin; and Names/Terms used within text.


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