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MM Addendum 1-2

The SAGE: A Private, Closed Society – The Private Agency that Owns and Controls the World

An “artificial reality construct”, dependent systemic(s) defined by the corporate – we must deconstruct the construct — social “agency(-ies)”, ie., police, military, levels of government, etc., vying together and in conflict (vested interest(s)); omnipresent yet unseen, blended within the social mix – social encoding endemic (public education, private education, corporate advertising, etc., all corporate focused as the social glue/religion) — an idea(s) will find a willing/suitable mind — state(s) within the state, the corporate governing directors, private governance of the public sphere (state = enabler); the corporation is the “dominant institution” of our time; shareholder value/profit mandated by law above all other social or stakeholder considerations (3rd party/social cost “externalities”, ie., infrastructure, military/war, pollution, etc.); all other considerations (especially non-monied) dismissed or eradicated; the Inc. are unaccountable, in effect a fascist oligarchy of transnational governance: the high-priests of Mammon and the corporate masters.

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MM Addendum 2-2

The SAGE, the Self-Appointed Guardian Elite, Charlemagne Descendants
The Unholy Blood and The Unholy Grail
The Primevil (abrogation of Primeval responsibility, Our Ancient Future)
The Primaevus Lineage
[Mid-17th century Latin primaevus, primus “first” + aevum “age”]
The Apotheosis(-sys)

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* (NV)(Twyman) The Dragon’s Court link
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* (PiB) St. Paul in Britain, author RW Morgan (1860), fifth edition c.1930s
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