MM Addendum 2-9

[Yoseph Lineage]
(ancestry continues, above)
033 David ben Jesse, King of Israel = — m10. Bath-shu’a bat Ammiel the Gilonite (m2.)
034(above) Nathan “the Prophet” ben David
—-3 Hanun, Ammonite King of Jordan
034-2 Jedidiah/Soloman ben David, King of Israel = 034-2(-3) Nabah/Naamah “the Ammonite” bat Hanun

-34-4(DD) Absalom, Crown Prince
—-3 Uriel of Gibeah, Sheikh = -35-3(-4) Tamar bat Absalom ha-David

035-2 Rehoboam ben Solomon ha-David, 1st King of Judah = — m3. Macaah/Maachah/Michaiah of Gibeah (Cousin)

032-3 Suri “the Naphalite” = — Zeruiah (m1.)(half-sis of King David)
033-3 Abishai
034-3 Absessalom
035-3 Ahimaaz “the Naphalite” = 035-3 Basmath (dau of King Solomon)
036-2 Abijah/Abia ben Rehoboam ha-David, 2nd King of Judah = 036-2(-3) Ana (Cousin)

034-4 Shishak, King of Egypt
035-3 Jeroboam, rebel King (of Israel) = 035-3(-4) Karamat, Egyptian Princess
036-3 Shilhi
037-2 Asa ben Abijah ha-David, 3rd King of Judah = 037-2(-3) Azubah bat Shilhi
038-2 Jehoshephat/Josaphat ben Asa ha-David, 4th King of Judah

037-3 Omri, 7th King of Israel
038-3 Ahab ben Omri, King of Israel = — Jezebel bat Ethbaal, the Zidonian, Queen

039-2 Jehoram/Joram ben Jehoshephat ha-David, 5th King of Judah = 039-2(-3) Athaliah bat Ahab beit Omri, Queen
-40-2(DD) Jehosheba (GM85-4, below)
040-2 Jehoahaz/Ahaziah ben Jehoram ha-David, 6th King of Judah = — Zibiah of Beersheba
040-3(DD) Jehoiada, Aaronic High Priest = — Jehosheba
041-2 Jehoash ben Ahaziah ha-David, 8th King of Judah = 041-2(-3) Jehoaddan of Jerusalem (-C-1st)
042-2 Amaziah ha-David, 9th King of Judah (b 849BC) = — Jecoliah of Jerusalem
043-2 Azariah/Uzziah ha-David, 10th King of Judah (1 Chron 3:12) = — Jerusha, dau of High Priest Zadok II
-43-2 Tabael (Isa 7:6), sons -44-2 Elkanah, -45-2 Meshullam, -46-2 Azaliah, -47-2 Shaphan, -48-2 Ahikam
-49-2 6th Gedaliah, Governor Judah 587/586BC
043-3(DD) Azrikam, Benjaminite Sheikh (of King Saul’s House, 1 Ch 9:44)
044-2 Jotham ha-David, 11th King of Judah(b 782BC 1 Ch 3:12) = 044-2(-3)(DD) Ahio, Hebrew Princess
(contemporary with Isaiah, Hosea, Micah)
044-3 Zechariah ben Jeroboam (House of Jehu), King of Israel
045-2 Ahaz ha-David, 12th King of Judah = 045-2(-3) Abijah of Israel
-46-2 Maaseiah, Crown Prince (captured in war, executed 2 Ch 28:7)
046-2 Hezekiah ben Ahaz ha-David, 13th King of Judah = — Hephzibah (?)
-47-2d Bilhah
047-2 Manassah ha-David, 14th King of Judah (1 Chron 3:13) = — Meshullemeth bat Haroz of Jotbah
048-2 Amon ha-David, 15th King of Judah = — Jedidah bat Adaiah of Bozkath

—-3 Hilkiah (Jer 1:1), of the Priests(Levi) who were in Anathoth, land of Benjamin (Ithamar lineage, 4th son of Aaron)
048-3 Jeremiah, PROPHET (Jeremiah took young gg-granddau to Ireland after Judah’s captivity BC586 (Jer 43:7))


MM Addendum 2-10

049-2 Josiah ben Amon ha-David, 16th King of Judah (2 Kings 23) = 049-2(-3) m2. Hamutal bat Jeremiah mi-Libnah
-50-2 Shallum/Jehoiahaz ben Josiah, 17th King of Judah
-51-2d Tea
-51-2 Mattaniah/Zedekiah ha-David, King of Judah
-52-2d Tea/Tamar Tephi (PHAREZ HEIRESS) = — Heremon (Zerah, ref: above), King of Ireland
049-2(con’t) = — m1. Zebudah/Zebidah bat Pedaiah of Rumah
050-2(DD) Johanan, Solomonic Crown-Prince (father of 051d Tamar, below)
(source: DD)

-50(DD) Eliakim/Jehoiakim, 18th King Judah (exiled) = — Nehushta (dau of Elnathan of Jerusalem)
-51 Jeconiah/Jehoiakin, King Judah, 1st Exilarch = 051d(con’t) Tamar (m2.) (-C-1st)
(source: peerage (Shealtiel as son of Jeconiah); Matt 1:6-12)
(JeConiah and his posterity disinherited as Davidic heirs, Jer 22:30; Jehoiakim’s seed barred from the throne, Jer 36:30)

(ancestry continues, above)
-53 Neri(ah), Davidic-Nathanite Prince (Luke 3:27-31) = 051d(-2) Tamar (dau of Johanan, Solomonic heiress (DD))
(source: DD/Gospel Luke)

052 Shealtiel (1 Chron 3:17), 2nd Exilarch (“step-son” of Jeconiah; son of Neriah and Tamar (DD); Royal Davidic Heir) (ancestry lines of Mary(Nathan) Luke 3:27, and Joseph(Solomon) Matt 1:12 here merge as a combined legal Davidic and Messianic descent excluding the line from Jeconiah; much confusion exists on this point with many arguements)
053 Zerubbabel ha-David, 3rd Exilarch Babylon, Governor Judah GM72-2 m1. Amytis, Babylonian Princess (foreign(DD))
(?) Abner/Av’ner (in the original Hebrew Matthew 1:13)
054 Abiud (first descendant mentioned in Matthew; some sources (incl. DD) insert up to nine(9) other descendants here)
055 Eliakim
056 Azor
057 Sadoc/(Zadok(DD))
058 Achim
059 Eliud
060 Eleazar ha-David (Matt 1:15) (Ezar/Lazar(DD))
(main source: peerage; 2nd source DD/Matt 1:12-16 (Yoseph descent))

061 Matthan ben Eleazar ha-David
-62 Hizkiah(Hezekiah/Ezekias) “the Zealot”, Davidic claimant and rebel-leader (exec. BC4)
-63 Judas “the Zealot” of Galilee (exec. BC4)
-64 Jacob (exec. AD47)
-64 Simon (exec. AD47)
-65 Eleazar, Jewish Captain (d AD67)
-66 Andrew Lukuas (exec. AD115)

-65 Hyrcanus
-66 Eleazar “Ha-Gadol” = — Imme Shalom (dau Palestinian Patriarch Simeon II)
-67 Simon
-68 Gamaliel
-69 Hilai
-70 Malchion
-71 son(?)
-72 Conanus “the Martyr” (exec. AD250)
-73 son(?)
-74 Salomus/Shallum/Salomon
-75 Urban(us), one of the eight Desposynic Princes, AD318
-76 Mansuetus
-77 Symetrius
-78 Martialis (d AD419), ancestor of the Counts of Salm

MM Addendum 2-11

-65 Kosevah/Cocheba
-66 Simon Bar-Kochba (Barchochebas “Son of the Star”), “Nassi”, anti-King AD132-135
-64 Menahem, scholar/anti-King AD66-67 (restored the Davidic Dynasty upon the departure of Herod Agrippa II in AD66)
-64 Jair/Jarius
-65 Menahem
-65 Eleazar ben Yair “the Zealot”, resistance-leader at Masada AD67/70-73
-65 Simon (d AD68/69)
-64 Levi
-65 John “of Giscala”, Jewish General AD66-70 (exec. AD73)
-65 Simon (d AD68/69)
-65 Jude
-64 Saphath
-65 Joshua/Jesus, Jewish General (exec. AD68)
-64 Sosas
-65 Jacob (d AD68/69)
-63 Menahem
-63 Jacob
-64 Hur
-65 Judah ben Hur (“Ben-Hur”)
-66 son(?) (taken captive to Italy), ancestor of Amittai, Prince of Oria (c AD850)
-64 Eleazar
-64 Uri

-62 Judas “of Gamala” (“the Galilean”)(Acts 5:37), Davidic claimant, Sicarii/Zealot, early rebel-leader (exec. AD6) (author-teacher of the fourth branch of Jewish philosophy: the Zealots) (“ibn Udad”/bar (J)udas (??), ref: below)
-63 Abbas
-64 Barabbas (spared exec. Passover AD31, Davidic claimant (mur AD66))
-63 Joseph “of Gamala”, Davidic claimant (d AD66)
-64 Jesus Bar-Joseph (“of Gamala” not Nazareth) (d AD68/69)
[= — Maria Magdalene (DD source vs. LG, HBHG authors)) (ref: DD for alternative descent, incl. Merovingian origins)]
-63 Tholomi/Ptolemy (Ptolomy, Gill comm. Matt 10:3) (d AD44/46)
-64 Nathanael (of Cana) Bar-Tholomi/Tholmi/Talmai (the Apostle Bartholomew) (d AD68) (Gill comm. Acts 1:23, JFB/Barnes comm. Mat 10:3; Mar 3:18, Luk 6:14, Joh 1:45, Joh 21:2 (of Cana in Galilee))
-63 Kathla
-64 Simon (d AD68/69) (the Apostle Simon Zelotes, -C-1st to Bartholomew)
-65 (5 sons)(?)
(all five sons were taken captive to Italy by Titus after the fall of Jerusalem; they became the ancestors of five Noble Italian families: 1. de Pomis 2. Adolescentoli 3. Anaw (Degli Mansi) 4. Degli Piatelli 5. de Rossi)
-63 Adnan (ref: below)
(may very likely be identified with the contemporary Arabic prince who had the same [Jewish] name. If so, medieval Arabic clerics attached an Ishmaelite ancestry to the Jewish Prince Adnan, whose descendants rose to rule over Arabia, etc. He was the father of (-64) Maath (Maadd) [a Jewish name], the father of (-65) Nazer [a Jewish name], the father of (-66) Mider [a Jewish name], the father of (-67) Elyas (Elias) [a Jewish name], the father of (-68) Amir [an Arabic name], the father of (-69) Khoza, the father of (-70) Kinan, the father of (-71) Kais, the father of (-72) Malik, the father of (-73) Fihr Koreish, ancestor of the Quraishi Family and (-84) Mohammed “The Prophet of Islam”) (source: DH(DD))

MM Addendum 2-12

062 Yakov(Jacob) “Nassi”, Prince of Judah = (— m1. Eucharia(??), a Jewish Princess (MM below)) (and/or Patriarch of Jerusalem BC32-23, removed/exec. by King Herod of Judah as a rival claimant to the throne)
-63d half-A Miriam = — Theudas, Nazarene Elder (killed AD44/46), son of
(Zorobabel(m3.)-Meshullam(4th Exilarch)/Hananiah(5th Exilarch)-Pelatiah-Athronges, 2nd-L Davidic Heir/anti-King BC4-AD6))
(Zorobabel(m3.)-Meshullam(4th Exilarch)/Hananiah(5th Exilarch)-Yeshaiah(8th Exilarch), Junior-2nd LINE – JEWISH EXILARCHS)
-64 James, Nazarene Bishop
-65 Evodius/Enodius, Nazarene Bishop of Antioch (d AD68)
— Ignatius/Theophoros, Bishop (Apostate) of Antioch AD98, after Enodius (martyred Rome AD107)
-66 Heros I, Nazarene Bishop of Antioch (d AD127)
-67 Cornelius, Nazarene Bishop of Antioch (d AD151)
-68 Heros II, Nazarene Bishop of Antioch (d AD169)
-64 Matthias, Nazarene Bishop
-66 Artemias …
-74 Matthias, one of the eight Desposynic Princes, AD318 …
-64 Thebouthis, Nazarene Bishop
-65 Joshua/Jesus (d AD69)
-64 Andronicus, Nazarene Bishop
-65 Barnabas, Apostle (ordained his bro Aristobulus/Arwystli(Br.) Bishop) (PiB)
-65 Aristobulus(Judah)[70], 1st Nazarene Bishop of Britain AD58-98; father-in-law of the Apostle Peter (PiB)
-74 Adelphius, Nazarene Bishop of Britain …
-66d (?) = half-C-1st Simon bar Jona (St. Peter (just above))
-67d dau and son
-64 Addai, Nazarene Bishop
-65 son (?)
-66 Soter
-67 Joshua/Jesus of Lydda
-64d (3 dau’s) Lydia, Assia (wife of a Roman Noble), Lysia

(Judah-Zerah (Z); Trojan Origins)
— 061 Julius Caesar, Roman Imperator (49-44BC, d. 44BC) = 061 Cleopatra VII, Queen of Egypt (m3.)(d. 30BC) (Hosea 11:1b “… out of Egypt have I [God] called my son.”) (Jesus’ paternal-maternal g-grandparents (pmGF/GM2-1))

(issue of CLEOPATRA by 3rd husband, JULIUS CAESAR: 1. CAESARION [PTOLEMY XV], mur 30BC; 2. Cleopatra “of Jerusalem” [Julius Caesar’s posthumous dau], given in marriage 30BC (14/15yrs) by OCTAVIUS CAESAR to “an obscure eastern prince”, identified with =1(30BC) Yakov “Nasi”, the Patriarch of Jerusalem; =2(23BC) Simon III, High-Priest, also his 2nd; =3(19BC) Herod, King of Judea, his 5th wife) [note: she was JESUS’ grandmother via her 1st husband, the Jewish “Nasi”; (ref: Moses, above, Hyksos (post-Joseph descendants), 33rd Egyptian Dynasty; and below, The Holy Family (sources: DH))

(NOTE: Jesus the Christ – not only Davidic-Messianic Heir but also Pharaonic and Caesaric: KING, PHARAOH, CAESAR; Christ was not only crucified as a Messianic claimant by Jewish establishment demand but also as a rival Caesaric claimant by the Roman establishment, and his Desposynic relations were in turn later targeted for extermination by various incumbent Emperors; the Christians were considered and targeted as a political-faction for supporting the rival Caesar-Christ (and His Divine claim) during numerous oppressions; 300 years later Constantine would claim his Caesaric and Desposynic (JA-Jo) Heritage as Roman Emperor and as Founder-Apostle of the Roman Catholic Church, enforcing the claimed pre-eminent authority of both as MESSIANIC CHURCH and STATE)

062(con’t) = 062 m2. Cleopatra “of Jerusalem” (m1.)(foreign wife)
-63 Ptolas(twin) = -74 (just above) Escha
-63 Clopas(twin) = -74 (just above) Maria
062(con’t) Cleopatra m2. = — Simon IV(??) (ben Boethus), High Priest BC23-19
half-U(??) Judas Iscariot/(the Sicarii, son of Simon) (half-U to Yahoshua, younger half-bro to Yoseph)
062(con’t) Cleopatra m3. = — Herod “the Great”, King of Judea BC37-4 (m5.)
half-U Philip, Tetrarch (Golan) (d AD34 without a son) (half-bro to Herod Antipas, Tetrarch (Galilee); half-U to Yahoshua)
[Yoseph Lineage]

063-2 Syrus/Syro the “Jarius”, hereditary Chief Priest of Capernaum (Jesus’ own city (Matt 4:13/9:1, 9:15/John 2:12 Bridegroom)), descendant of Jair (Num 32:41/2Sam 20:25-26) = (063) Eucharia, a Jewish Princess (Hasmonaean)(m2.(??)) (LG source (Maar; de Voragine)) (Maccabean family of Esther, Mariam’s pmGM) (John Hyrcanus I descent, Prince-Priest (NV))
-64-2 Lazarus/Elazar
-64-2d Martha (of Bethany)

063 Yoseph, Royal Davidic Heir = 074 Mariam (Royal Judah/Levi/Maccabean Ancestry)
064/075 Yahoshua (claimant Levi/Judah Priest/Royal Messiah: Jesus the Christ) d31AD PASSOVER = 064(-2) Maria Magdalene (m1.) (Hasmonaean -C to Mariam)
065d Tamar/Damaris/Sarah b AD31 = — (??) (HG Matrilinear) (MM Apostle-Prophetess)

MM Addendum 2-13

064 Yakob(os)/James “the Just”, 1st Nazarene n’tzarim (Jerusalem), NT Author (Book of James) (J1 SENIOR DAVIDIC HEIR 31AD)
065 Yudas/Jude, 3rd Nazarene n’tzarim (descent continues: Merovingian Kings) (DAVIDIC HEIR 62/63AD)

065-2 Havingeus (whose mother Alma, was a grand-dau of Yoseph of Arimathea) (JA-2)
066 Elzasus, Royal Davidic heir, Roman hostage AD135 (Bar Kocba rebellion; d. AD138) = 066 Ariobia
067 Naasson (Nahshon/Nascien I), Prefect of Narbonensis c.138 in Roman service (J1,JA-3) (the mass deportation of Jews by the Romans in AD70/135 were settled in Provence, Gaul, then called Narbonensis)
068 Cyleddon (Celidoine/Celadion), Bishop of Alexandria(?), c.150
069 Narpus (Warpus) c.175/200)
070 Nascien II, Prefect of Provinciae (Narbonensis) c.200/225, in Roman service
071 Gallienus Quiriacus c.250
072 Helyas (Elias) c.275
073 Ysayes (Isaac) c.300
074 Ionans (Johanan) (Jonaanz) c.325 (GF2-1 to Conan Meriadoc, King of Amorica)
075 Fridolinus
076 Frotmund = 076 Hatilde, Princess of the Franks

061-3/066[004] Coel I
062-2 Marcomir IV, King of the Franks (Sicambrian/Zerah) = 062-2 (m. 129AD) Athildus of Brittany (JA-2)
075-2 Dagobert des Francs, First Duke of the Franks (Roman Empire) …
076-2 Genebaud II des Francs Ripuaires, duc des Francs
077 Pharamond (“Voice of the Family”), rex Francorum (J1-1,JA-3) = 077 Argotta des Francs Ripuaires (Sicambri/Z,JA-3,R(?))
(descendancy continues, below [001])

074(above) Ionans c.325 (3rd son Fridolinus grandfather of Pharamond – Ionas GF2-1) …
075 Gerentonus (b. c.350), Prefect of Viennensis (Provinciae) (U2-1 to Pharamond)
076 Agripanius “of the Master’s kin” c. 350/375 = 076 Thametes (sis Eudaf I “Hen the Old” King Britain)
077 Conan “Meriadoc” 1st King of Armorica (J1,JA-3 Desposnyi)
(-C2-1-2nd/3d2C to Pharamond/J1 descent) = 077/076d(below) (m2.) Darerea (Jo-1 Desposyni) (descendancy continues, below)

-65 John
-66 Benjamin, 6th Nazarene n’tzarim
-67 John, 7th Nazarene n’tzarim
-67 Levi, 12th Nazarene n’tzarim
-67 Jude Kuriakos/Kyriakos, 15th Nazarene n’tzarim AD132-135 (Bar-Kochba rebellion); Nazarene post-revolt exile
-68 Pius, Nazarene Elder (not the 10th (Gnostic) Bishop of Rome as suggested in DD)
-69 Maximianus (d AD190)
-70 Aslipiades (d AD218)
-71 Theotecnus (d AD230)
-72 Paul (d AD270)
-73 Zabdas (d AD300)
-74 Hermes/Hermon (d AD304), last Nazarene n’tzarim of Jerusalem (restored AD73 Mt. Zion; AD135 Gentile-Xn Bishop)

-65 Jose “Mar/Mari”
-66 James
-67 Abrisios, Nazarene Bishop of Seleucia, Syria
-68 Abraham
-69 James
-73 Gaggai …
-74 Papa, Nazarene Bishop (one of the eight Desposynic Princes, AD318 (??)) (d AD329)

MM Addendum 2-14

064 Yose(ph)/Jose (Jo)
065 Jasna “Philiste”
065-2 St. Cyllin (son of King Caradoc/Caractacus of Britain)
066 Siarclus (Siarklotus) = 066 Eurgain (Princess) (Z-1,R-2)
067(??) Gwladys = 067[004] Lleiffer Mawr/Lucius, King Silures))
067 Emanuel “Rise”
067 Enciede (Encride) “Ere”
069 Othrag
070 Maxime (Maximus)
071 Llebryn (Liubuimus)
072 Cornodd (Cornuithus)
073 Meurig (Meuric)
074 Otta
075 Marchudd
(descendancy continues, Lineage: [003])
076d/077(above) Darerea = 077(above) Conan “Meriadoc)” 1st King of Armorica

-65 Josue El-Marami
-71 Dioscorus/Dius, Nazarene Bishop AD213 …
-75 Jose(ph), one of the eight Desposynic Princes who visited the Pope in Rome in AD318 …

-64 Yudas/Jude “of Galilee”
-65 James/Yakob
-66 James
-74 Simon, one of the eight Desposynic Princes AD318 …
-66 Zoker – Zoker and James were summoned and appeared before Roman Emperor Domitian in AD96
-74 Joses, one of the eight Desposynic Princes AD318 …
-65 Menahem
-65 Simon

-64 Simon
-65 Zakkai/Zakheas/Zacherias, 4th Nazarene n’tzarim
-66 Tobias, 5th Nazarene n’tzarim
-66 Matthias, 8th Nazarene n’tzarim
-67 Philip, 9th Nazarene n’tzarim
-67 Seneca/Senikus, 10th Nazarene n’tzarim
-68 Joseph, 14th Nazarene n’tzarim
-69 son(?)
-70 Alexander, Nazarene Bishop AD213-251
-71 Demetrius (d AD263)
-72 Mazabanes (d AD266)
-73 Hymenaeus (d AD298)
-74 Zacherias/Zakkai, one of the eight Desposynic Princes who visited Pope Sylvester in AD318
-67 Justus II, 11th Nazarene n’tzarim
-66 Ephres/Aphre, 13th Nazarene n’tzarim

064d Anna (sAnna) = 064[004] Beli Mawr ap Bran, Archdruid, High K Britain
-64d Miriam (ref: DD)
-64d Salome (ref: DD)

MM Addendum 2-15

Lineage: [001]

077[000]* Pharamond (“Voice of the Family”) rex Francorum (J1,JA) = 077 Argotta des Francs Ripuaires (Sicambri/Z,JA-3,R(?))

078 Clodius I “Long Haired”, rex Francorum, DAVIDIC HEIR SENIOR LINE (Primary)
079 JUNIOR LINE (Primary), PRINCE [006]

078 Fredemundus Famundson
079 Nascien I Fredemunduson of Septimania
080 Celedoin Nasciensson
081 Nascien II Celedoinsson Septimania-Midi = (-C) — the “cors benoit” (065d[000] Tamar/Sarah (JC=MM)) (HG-1) (“Holy Grail”) (31/64AD-460AD approx., 400y/12-13gen(33y); the “blessed body” *kept* under the care/tutelage of “raised” -U Lazarus in Roman Occupied Gaul) (Holy Grail Guardian -U Lazarus, Grail Guardian -U the Apostle John, the Corbenic Elders(/Successors), see below)

082 Chilperic of Burgundy, King of Burgundy (Avallon, near Vezelay, Burgundy (1st Crusade Preached AD1095))
083d Chrotechilde of Burgundy (HG-1) = (-C) — Chlodovech I (Clovis), rex Francorum [SENIOR LINE] (Clotide known as “the girl of the French Vineyards”) (MEROVINGIAN meaning “Vine of Mary” (various sources)) (Clovis I “the Great” of France, King (RCC recognition) = St. Clotide de Bourgogne) (NOTE: “Merovingian” Meroving(-2) descent from JC=MM originates from Clovis I)

084 Ingomir (d young)
084 Clodomir, King of Orleans (d 524)
084 Childebert I, King of Paris (d 558) (defeated Amalaric at Narbonne AD531 vs. forced converson Clotilda to Arianism))
084 Clotaire I, King of Soissons, Austrasia and Neustria (d 561)
084d Clotilda/Chrotilda de Meroving (497-531) = (m. c528) — Amalaric, King Visigoths (Septimania) (b c502 d 531)
(Clotilda died enroute to Paris of unknown causes, possibly of exhaustion)

082 Zambor Nasciensson (Archdruid) = (-C) 079d Ceredwin del Acqs, d’Avalon h’Eireann c415 (*)below (la Dompna del Aquae: the Mistress of the Waters (LIVING WATERS)) (Maison de(del) Acqs) (HG-JM “Magdalene” Lines joined) (Grail kept under the care/tutelage of -Uncle John the Apostle (tarry-ing, alive until Christ returns; John left Patmos to establish Corbenic Castle with 077-2[002] Joshua, the first Grail King; 2 Witnesses: John/Lazarus witnessing in the spirit of Moses(withdrawal)/Elijah(return))
083d Arnive del Acqs c435
084d Vivianne Avallon del Acqs (**)
083 Lambord
084 Taliesin Lambordsson (Merlin I) “Great Bard” = (-C) 084d Vivianne Avallon del Acqs (**)
-85d Vivienne (Vivianne II) del Acqs (***)
-85d Morgause del Acqs = — Lot of Lothian
-86-2 Gawain
085d Ygrame Taliesinsdatter = 085[007] Aedan mac Gabhran of Argyll, Pendragon
086-2 Artur mac Aedan, Pendragon (Artur II) (Z-1,J1-2,JA-4/Z-3,JA-5,JM-8,HG-2)

-82 Galians Nasciensson
-83 Jonaans
-84 Lancelot
-85 Ban le Benoic = (-C) -85d Vivienne (Vivianne II) del Acqs (m1.) (***)
-86 Sir Lancelot du Lac = -92–90d[002] Elaine/Elayne (JM-1 Grail,JA-3)
-87 Sir Galahad, Keeper of the Grail (died without issue)

-82 Godefil Nasciensson
-82 Godebaut Nasciensson

-79 Saracint Fredemunduson
-80 Elieser Saracintson

078 Adelbertus of the Franks, Duke of Moselle (Lineage: [005])

[reported in some Mythology sources (Tuatha De Danann origins) and/or Miriam, sister of Moses, Hebraic Prophetess]
(M) … Maternal ancestry from Avalon h’Eireann (Druidess Lineage)
(M) Enir c100 = — Eugein (son of Marius)
— [LG] Coel I (son of Marius) of Camulod (Colchester)
— [LG] Athildus/Athildis (b c90?) = — Marcomir IV, ancestor of (Argotta(=Pharamond))
(M) Calchuynydd/Gladys c120 = — Lleiffer Mawr/Lucius, King of Silures
(M) Eurgen Llywarch (JA) c140, c180 = 080-078[002] Aminadab (JM-1,JA-3)
— …
(M) Morgan/Morrigan c220 = 083-081[002] Titurel (military-order Grail-Knights)
— …
(M)074 Egre c310? = 084-082[002] Boaz Anfortas King-Lord Grail Castle
(M)075 Igraine/Greidiol de la Fountaine c335
(M)076 Ceraint Aoife c360 = — Cuchulainn, Ard-ri (High King) Ireland
(M)077 Merion c390

078 Frotmund, comte de Toulouse, de Acqs (former Acquae Sextiae)/Aix-en-Provence = 078(M) Argotta c404
079d Ceredwin del Acqs, d’Avalon c415 (*)above (Druidess-Grail (JM-5))

MM Addendum 2-16

Lineage: [002]

073[000]*(JA) Yoseph of Arimathea

075-2[000]*(JM) Yakob Zebedee (= Mary Magdalene (m2.)) (JM “GRAIL”)
(-C-Apostle, martyred AD44 whereupon MM/entourage fled to Provence)
076-2 Josephes (father of Alain “Li Gros”) (JM(JZ=MM)) (-C2-1-3rd to J1/sAnna; Y/J Zebedee’s mother was Mariam’s -C-1st)
077-2 Joshua (Jesus) dsp, first “Grail”-King, c. AD 100, built Corbenic Castle to house The Holy Grail and as the religious order’s home/community (“Corbenic”, is derived from “cors benoit” = “blessed body”, whence the town of “Corbeni” in Picardy, France, got its name. The religious order removed to Britain in the early 500s, circa AD 519 (post-Roman occupation, under the protection of Artur I “Grail” Pendragon), and left Corbenic Castle empty (post-Clovis I (d AD 511)). The castle was razed by Charlemagne circa AD 800, IN USURPATIVE GUILT).

063[004] Bran Fendigaid “the Blessed” ap Llyr Lleddiarth,
King of the Silures, Fisher-King = 074d Enygeus (Anna) of Arimathea (JA-1)
075 Elis = 077-2 Alain “Li Gros” (“Grail”) (-C2-1-4th to J1/sAnna)
078-076 (078 JM-1 “Grail” Paternal, 076 JA-3 Maternal)
078-076 Josue/Joshua II
079-077 Alphanye
080-078 Aminadab = 068d[004] Eurgen (dau of Lleiffer Mawr) (Z-1,JA-2)
081-079 Catheloys/Carcelois (founded the religious-order of the Castellors, later suppressed by the Catholic Church)

082-080 Emanuel/Manael
083-081 Titurel (founded military-order of the Grail-Knights) = (M)[001] Morgan/Morrigan c220
084-082 Enfertez/Amfortaz/Boaz = (M)074 Egre c310? …
085-083 Frimutel
086-084 Mazadan
087-085 Laziliez
088-086 Zamphir/Zamfir/Zambor/Zamvirz

089-087 Addanz
090-088 Gandin/Gaudin = — Schoette
091-089 Gahmuret **

089-087 Lambor
090-088d Yglais/Eglise = 082-2[003] Anblaud,”the Great”, King of Britain
091-089d/083d[003] Ygerne/Eigyr = 081[003] Eutherius/Uthyr Pendragon, King of Britain
092-090/082[003] Arthwyr Pendragon (Artur I “Grail” Pendragon) (b. 480AD d. c537AD) (JM-3/JA-5)

-90–88 Pellam/Pellehen, Grail-King (bro of Yglais)
([LG] has Pellam as son of [001] 083 Lambord, bro of 084 Taliesin)
-91–89 Pelles “Lord of Corbenic Castle”, Grail Fisher-King
-92–90 Amfortas II, Fisher King = — Orgeluse
-93–91d Elayne (who pined and died for the love of Lancelot)
-92–90d Herzeloyde = 091-089 ** Gahmuret (m3.)

-93–91/-92–90(??) Sir Parzival/Perceval/Parsifal/Percy, Knight
—(??) … Lohengrin/Lohengrin Garin/Warin of Lorraine [1066] = — Biautris
(Helyas “the Swan King” epic-hero 1st Crusade, last Grail King who returned the Holy Grail to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in 1099, whose son out-of-wedlock, and raised by his mother was Geoffrey of Bouillon, leader of the First Crusade, Protector of the Holy Sepulchre, King of Jerusalem, whose mother Ida of Louvain, widow of the Duke of Bouillon, married (m3.) Eustace II (de Vere), Count of Boulogne (?? suggested in some sources)).

-92–90d Elaischoye/Elayne = -86[001] Sir Lancelot du Lac
(Elaine/Amite/Helaine/Helizabel, Grail-Bearer/Grail-Maiden; source: Prose Lancelot (Vulgate Cycle))
([LG] concurs with Elaine as dau of Pelles)
-93–91/-87[001] Sir Galahad, Knight

MM Addendum 2-17

Lineage: [003]

064[000]* Jose beni Yoseph (Jo-1)
075 Marchudd …

076 Gwrthryw, 1st King of Garthmadrun c.AD383
077 Gwraldeg/Gwroldeg (last of the male line)
078 Morfudd/Morvitha, heiress = — Teitfall of Glamorgan, Prince
079 Teuduric, King of Garthmadrun
080 Marchell = — Anllach of Galloway, Prince
081 St. Brychan, 1st King of Brecon (Garthmadrun) AD498

076 Oidesse/Odissus
077 Photaighe/Poititus/Potitus/Potaide of Banavan, Britain (southern Scotland), presbyter
078 Calpurnius/Calpinn of Bonnaven, Britain, local deacon = — (?) of Wales (dau of Poitus of Wales)
079 St. Patrick/Padraig (of the Celtic-Nazarene Church), Apostle of Ireland

077[000]* Conan Meriadoc of Britain, King Brittany (J1-1,JA-3) = 076d m2. Darerea (Jo-1)
(possibly named after -72[Y][000] Conanus “the Martyr” (exec. AD250), whose g-sons were Salomon and Urban)

078 Gradlon Mawr ap Cynan Meriadoc, King of Brittany = — Tigtidia of Ireland
079 Guitol ap Gradlon of Brittany, 1st Prince of Dumnonee
080 Deroch I ap Guitol of Dumnonee
081 Riotham/Riomathus “Greatest-King” ap Deroch of Dumnonee
082 Riwal Deroc ap Riotham of Dumnonee
082d Alma Pompea verch Riatham of Dumnonee

078 Erbin ap Cynan Meriadoc of Britain, King of Brittany
079 Salomon I (ap Gradlon?) of Brittany, High King Brittany = — (?) filia Patricius Flavius (of Rome)
(ref: LG Chart: Rulers of Wales and Brittany)
080 Aldrien ap Selyfan of Brittany, King of Brittany = — (?) of Ireland (sis St. Garmon, Bishop of Man)
081 Budic I ab Aldrien, King of Brittany
081 Erich ab Aldrien, King of Brittany
082 Emyr Llydaw Budic II map Erich of Brittany
080 Constantine ap Solomon of Britain, King of the Britons = — Ivoire ferch Llancelog (?)

076-3 Dynod ap Caradoc o Dumnonia, Brenin Dumnonia
077-2(J1-JA) Conan Meriadoc of Britain, King of Brittany = 077-2(-3) m1. St. Ursula verch Dynod o Dumnonia
078-2/080-4[007] Cadfan ap Cynan Meriadog o Dumnonia
079-2 Gwrfawr ap Cadfan o Dumnonia, King of Dumnonia
080-2 Tudwal ap Gwrfawr of Dumnonia
080-2 Frwdwr ap Gwrfawr of Dumnonia
081-2 Cynwal ap Frwdwr of Dumnonia
082-2 Amlawdd Wledig ap Cynwal of Britain = 090-088d[002] Eglise, dau of Lambor (JM-1,JA-3)

081 Aurelius Ambrosius = — Niniane (?)
081 (ANCESTRY: “de Bohun”)
081 Uthyr Pendragon, King of Britons = 083d(-2) Ygerna verch Amlawdd o Dumnonia (JM-2,JA-4)
—() Eutherius (Uthyr) Pendragon, King of Britain c.467AD (b. 410AD d. 495AD)
—() = Ygerne (Eigyr) dau of Yglais (Eglise), 4th wife of British King Anblaud “The Great” (the Welsh Amlawd “Wledic”)
082 (J1-1,JA-3/JM-3,JA-5,Jo-2)
082 Arthwyr Pendragon (Artur I “Grail”) (b. 480AD d. c537AD) = — Gwenhwyfar ferch Lleudd Eugfran (?)
082 (ANCESTRY: Clan Campbell)
082 (ANCESTRY(??): “Beauchamp” Earl’s of Warwick)

MM Addendum 2-18

Lineage: [004]

024[000] Judah-Zerah
— Darda/Dardanus (founder Kingdom of TROY)
— AEneas/(Trojan origin of Rome)
— Brutus (c. BC1100)

(-r in descending order)
060 Beli the Great (BC100)
061 Cassivelaunus/(Casswallan)
061 Lud
062 Tenuantius (bro of Llyr)
063 Cymbeline (AD15-40)
064 Guiderius, King
062(??) Llyr/Lear (AD10) (bro of Tenuantius)
063[DH]** Beli(Heli) Mawr, Archdruid = 064[000][007] Anne, sis of Yahoshua the Christ (sAnne)
063 Bran the Blessed (first Royal convert) King of Silures (descendants of Shaul, son of Simeon (source: Yair Davidy)), resigned crown AD36, became Arch-Druid College of Siluria = 074[000] Enygeus (Anna) of Arimathea (JA-1)
064 Caradoc/Caractacus(L) (AD40-80) PENDRAGON vs. Roman Invasion
065d Eurgain (Xn) (right of Salisbury), founder Cor-Eurgain = — Salog (Roman Patrician), Lord of Salisbury
065 Linus, 1st Nazarene Bishop of Rome (Ordained by the Apostle Paul (Paul half-bro to Rufus Pudens))
065 Cynon
065d Gladys/Claudia (adopted by household Emperor Claudius)(Xn(JA)) = — Aulus Rufus Pudens Pudentinus (Roman Senator)(Xn)
066-2 St. Timotheus, St. Novatus, St. Praxedes, St. Pudentians (Xn martyrs)
065 Cyllinus/Cyllin
066/061-3[000] (Prince Coel) Coel I [Anderson,PiB] (AD120) ([LG,Wurts] of Camulod/Colchester, son of Marius(065-2 below))
067d/062-2d Athildus/Athildis (b c90?) = 062-2[000] Marcomir IV, (b c90, d 149) (ancestors of Argotta (=Pharamond (MEROVINGIAN) (either (Z-1,JA-3) or (Z-1,R-2))
067 Lucius/Lleiver Mawr, est. British-Celtic Christianity = 067[000] Gwladys (dau of Eurgain(*) below) (Jo-1/Z-2,R-3)
068d Eurgen Llywarch c140, m. c180 = 080-078[002] Aminadab (JM-1,JA-3)
068d Gladys = — Cadvan, Prince of Cambria
069d-2 Strada the Fair = (-C) — Coel (II), King of Colchester (AD232) (Z-sAnne)**
070d-3 [DH] Aeoifa = 079-2[007] Fiachach Sraiptine, 120th Ard-ri h’Eireann
070d-3 [DH] Oriuna = — Carausius, British Emperor
070d-3 Helen (AD248-328) = — Constantius (afterwards Roman Emperor) (AD242-306)
071-4 (sAnne,Z-4,JA-5/Jo-5,Z-6,R-7)/(R-1(?))
071-4 Constantine “the Great” (AD265-336) Desposynic-British ROMAN EMPEROR, est. (secular) Roman Christianity (regarded himself as Christ’s Representative on Earth and Head of the Church; regarded by some as the 30th Apostle)
072-4 Constantine II
072-4 Constans
072-4 Constantius II (ancestor of the Byzantine Dynasty)
072d-4 Helen

Trojan Origins (Judah-Zerah) (John 19:11 “power given” to Pilate (Rome) from above (Gen 49 Judah Sceptre inclusion))

“Cassibelaun, king of the Britains, to Caius Julius Caesar. we cannot but wonder, Caesar, at the avarice of the Roman people, since their insatiable thirst after money cannot let us alone whom the dangers of the ocean have placed in a manner out of the world; but they must have the presumption to covet our substance, which we have hitherto enjoy’d in quiet. Neither is this indeed sufficient: we must also prefer subjection and slavery to them, before the enjoyment of our native liberty.

Your demand therefore, Caesar, is scandalous, since the SAME VEIN OF NOBILITY, FLOWS FROM AENEAS, IN BRITONS AND ROMANS, and ONE AND THE SAME CHAIN OF CONSANGUINITY SHINES IN BOTH: which ought to be a band of firm union and friendship. That was what you should have demanded of us, and not slavery: we have learned to admit of the one, but never to bear the other. And so much have we been accustomed to liberty, that we are perfectly ignorant what it is to submit to slavery. And if even the gods themselves should attempt to deprive us of our liberty, we would to the utmost of our power resist them in defense of it. Know then, Caesar, that we are ready to fight for that and our kingdom if, as you threaten, you shall attempt to invade Britain.” (source: The Trojan Origins of European Royalty (just above))

059-6 Atius Balbus, Roman Senator = 059-6 Julia (sis of Julius Caesar)
060-5 Augustus Caesar (Octavian), R Emp BC63-AD18 = 060-5(-6) Atia
061-4 Marcus Antonius (Mark Anthony) = 061-4(-5) Octavia
062-3 Nero Claudius Drusus = 062-3(-4) Antonia Minor
063-3 Claudius Caesar, Roman Emperor AD41-54 = 063-3 Valeria Messalina

064-2 Arviragus, King of Siluria (AD40-90) = 064-2(-3) Genuissa (Venus Julia) (R-1)
064-3 Prasutagus, King of the Iceni (d AD60/61) = 064-3 Boadicea/Boudicca, Queen of the Iceni, Britons
065-2 Meric/Marius (AD90-120) = 065-2(-3) Julia of the Iceni (source: [A])
066[000] Siarclus (Siarklotus) (Jo Desposyni) = 066(-2) Eurgain(*) (Princess) (Z-1,R-2) (JA dau of m1.?))