MM Addendum 1-4

It is often frustrating and sometimes dangerous to challenge those who own and control the land, labor, capital, and technology of society – including those seeking an equity (or ownership) position in the system (cast in thy lot among us; let us all have one purse) through the purchase of stocks and securities (they are not only paying the high price of an inflated market, but also the high price of personal enslavement to a system that cares only for its own – among whom they are not numbered – consolidating its grip on society); but, in the long run, it is even more dangerous not to challenge – many are plugged into the system willingly, but most are just caught in its grasp, increasingly crushed – popular passivity is the goal of all rulers who seek to preserve their entrenched privileges against the claims of the public – it is what they usually mean by “stability” and “order” – the real name of their system is plutocracy, rule by the wealthy few, the very “opposite” of democracy – PRIVATE GOVERNANCE (Private Interest in Public Office).

Suggestions that something is fundamentally wrong with our National systemics are more than difficult to accept; they are difficult even to reflect upon – it is far easier to live in the comfort zone and to seek some happiness in our daily lives – even in our protests (our immune responses to a sickened society) we shy away from a direct confrontation with the imposed structure – we tend to avoid the harsh implications of reality and cling to the image of the United States, Britain and Europe as basically free and democratic entities in the way that one clings to prayer beads or a good luck charm – the axioms of empire have become the axioms of faith.


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